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It's been a week since I last saw her. I miss her...

I was so stupid not getting her name and now I feel worse since I didn't even got her number.

When will I see her again. I sighed heavily

"Woah thats a deep one. What's the matter kendo? You tired?" Said Gigi

We are currently waiting for Bella to finishing her fittings. We have a fitting for almost 3 hrs for the up coming fashion week. I was really beyond excited about this since Bella and Gi are also in it.

"Yeah a bit tired but excited at same time." I said and gave her a sad smile

"Okay now ken, spill it out. I know that you're bothered at some other thing" gigi says. She knows me pretty well.

"You never fail to read me" I said. I can't fake my emotions to her

"Ofcourse I'm your best bud after all" she smirks. "So spill it." She demands

"Okay." I sighed again before telling her about meeting this stranger girl who I've been thinking for a while.

"So you're saying that you even go out on a date, and still you didn't know her name and got her number atleast?" She said

"It's not a date Gi. I just wanted to repay her thats all" i explained "it just so weird that she doesn't want me to know her name nor be involve with me." I added

"Well if I'm her, I would also think that you're a stalker" she said and I slap her shoulder and she laughs. "But is she really serious that she doesn't know you? Like, you're Kendall fucking Jenner, how the hell wouldn't she know who you are?" She asked curiously

"Well I'm kinda confused as well. Part of me thinks that she knows me. As I said, she gave me her glasses for me to disguise, but I just don't get it why she acts like she doesn't know me" i said

"Well maybe she doesn't like getting involve with us, like she doesn't want attention and drama, you know. There's always a perks and consequences being with us." Gigi says. Well maybe she's right. But still it's so weird not knowing her name.

"Aaaaaargh, I just don't know anymore" i said while a run my hands through my hair in frustration

"Did I miss something here?" Bella said as she came sits besides me after doing her fittings.

"Nothing much, but I don't have the energy to repeat everything that I said to Gi" i said and sighed.

"Well, since I'm done, let's get out of here and eat. Then maybe you'll have an energy to tell me just what you said to Gi" she smiled and pulled us out. "Let's go, I'm so hungry"

We are now at a restaurant, currently waiting for our orders.

"Okay kenny, what is it" Bella ask and i sighed I don't really wanna repeat everything I said. It just makes me more sad, for not getting in touch with her. "Please, kennyboo" said nella while doing this puppy eyes

"Ow don't give me that puppy eyes now, B." I said while shaking my head. But she's still pouting and acting so cute. "Okay fine, fine, just because you're cute" I just can't resist her.

"Yay! I know I'm cute." She said cheerly. So I explained it to her.

"Chow you wah chaying ish dat"

"Hey don't talk when your mouth is full" i cut off Bella. As soon as our order came, she already munch the pizza.

She drank water and then she talked again "hehe sorry. What I was saying is that, maybe Gi was right, maybe she doesn't want attention and drama since being around famous is really not easy."she said while eating back her pizza.

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