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Namjoon's POV

"Joonie?!" The young man exclaimed seeing me personally. "What in the world are you doing here? What about the concert? What.."

I cut him off, "Chill. It's done. I'm back for good. I'll be continuing my music business here in Korea." My gaze landed on the school gate behind him. It was Mayu's high school.

"You going to see her now huh?" He snickered, nudging his shoulder to my sides.

I was not smiling. In fact, I was starting to tear up because of guilt. "Yeah, if she'd be willing to talk to me."

"I'm sure she forgave you already. It's been like seven years?" Hobi counted with his fingers. 

"Just hope me for the best."

"I'm your hope. I'm your angel." He winked at me which I found weirdly adorable.  "Now go get your girl?"

I choked on my own saliva, "My wha...?!"

"Namjoon? Is that you?"

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