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Namjoon's POV

It was a successful debut as a rapper.

I finally had money.

I am going to have everything I want.

But it would not satisfy me, I guess.


Her name continued to enter my mind when it had the chance to. I didn't know if it was just guilt tripping or something.

It was not that I couldn't see her anymore. Because I know where she is right now.

Smiling to myself, I contacted the agent observing her from time to time. He picked up the call. "Good day, sir. I assume you'd ask for updates?"

I chuckled, "You know me well, Hobi."

"Aye, she's on her way back from school right now. She's not with her friends today. Weird." He said quietly, probably following her already.

"Alright, just don't get caught." After I said that, there were some shuffling on the other noises and the next thing happened surprised me.

"Who are you and why are you following me all the time?!" a female voice screamed.

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