Prolouge Part 1

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Dear Diary,
I remember as a young child, sitting at my father's feet playing with a cloth doll as he sat on his throne and delt with business as a king should. I could stay with him at his side as a young girl as long as I wanted to, because I wasn't supposed to become queen one day.

I regret not helping Adam-Henry out of the pond that day, Mother wouldn't let me. If my brother was still alive I wouldn't be becoming queen tomorrow afternoon.

Mother hadn't started my training on becoming a queen until Adam-Henry's death two years ago. She tried her hardest to cram a lifetimes worth of knowledge and learning into two years.

Meanwhile, Father tried desperately to find me a husband. One that would stay in the Kingdom of Four Seasons, and not take me to any other place. Alas, he couldn't find one suitor.

I guess that's in Father's nature, he's never been one for getting his hands dirty, and when he does, he doesn't like to have his hands dirty for long.

My dress is the most ugliest thing ever. Mother knows that I enjoy simple dresses that don't construct my movement. The dress I will be wearing at my coronation is the exact opposite. It smushes against my bosom, as to have the rich men of the kingdom find me as a possible wife, it is form fitting until the waist where it flares out, but not enough to make me happy. It goes off of my shoulder and is red and gold, as to match with my glorious crown. I have tried it on a couple of times during coronation rehearsal, and it is so heavy, how Father wears it whenever he's in the throne room baffles me. Even my old tiara was a lot. Tomorrow, I will wear a gold headpiece and long earrings to make up for my hair being pulled back.

I should be asleep, the maids trained especially for getting royals ready for important events said to get as much sleep as possible so that my wrinkles to go away. And also the fact that they will be here the second the sun barely peeks it's head over the hills. They must scrub my body and cream it with flowers and honey. I must be seen as a beautiful queen, not a strong king.

I am nervous, but I know Father will help me as needed. He is one of my advisors after all.

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