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okay it's best if you read this before I start this is a short chapter that has nothing to do with the storyline and I just made because I'm bored anyway this takes place in a separate dimension or universe everything is the same except their friends and the together but Virgil still where's his makeup and they don't know his age because well it was said before anyway let me start this small funny chapter

Virgil sat on the couch drinking out of a wine glass a red liquid in it Roman Patton and Logan walk in and sat on the couch Roman looked over to Virgil confused

And Patton stared at Virgil and said " hahaha you're lucky Virgil you're old enough to drink" thinking that he was drinking wine most because he's drink out of a wine glass and the liquid is red Virgil stared back and confused then said " pat this is cranberry juice" Roman chuckled then said " why are you drinking cranberry juice out of a wine glass and not whine" "Ok first off how old do you think I am?!" " 20-28" Logan said and the other two nodded " guys really?" Vergil stood up and walk to the bathroom he grab makeup remover and wiped off his makeup before walking back in is 3 grasped as they saw Virgil without his makeup on he looked 16 even though he was 17 "the-" Roman began to say before Virgil cut him off "im I that ugly?" he said in a joking manner Patton squealed and Logan look stunned Roman then said" oh my fairy godmother you look 16 how old are you?!" Virgil chuckled then said " guys I'm the same age as you"

  The end

Hope you guys enjoyed and I will publish this and start writing the next chapter right in 10 minutes 

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