17. Waffles for dinner.

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When I woke up again, minus the heavy breathing and sweat filled body, I quickly got into the shower and got dressed. Today I just wore a simple denim skirt with a black tube top. I paired it with white converses. Cyrus was not in the bed when I woke up the second time, I assumed it was Pack business he needed to attend to. My eyes caught a glance at the windows.

The were no sunrays hitting me like they would every morning. I walked into the bedroom and read the wall clock.

7:55 PM

WHAT?! I had slept for that long?!

I quickly hurried out the door, down the stairs, my stomach growling for some food. When I got to the kitchen I found Marcus..talking to Sydney. My jaw clenched from the sight and I took a deep breath and walked into the kitchen. Marcus was sitting on the counter stools while Sydney was leaning on the counter with her ass in the air. They were high key flirting.

*It's none of your business Nevaeh...*

My wolf was right, and I was glad that Sydney wasn't obsessing over my man.

"Hey! Glad you could make it today." Marcus joked, when he caught me.

"Shut up, I didn't know it was this late." I smiled back and walked over to the fridge.

"You look cute tonight.." He smirked and I rolled my eyes. Marcus was such a flirt. He didn't even care if I was technically taken..he'd hit on anything that has legs and could talk.

Before I could say anything, Enzo and his ugly heart walked in.

"Who looks cute?" He asked as I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and turned to face the three of them. Sydney rolled her eyes and shuffled closer to Marcus, who happily welcomed her.

"Nevaeh," Marcus replied, distracted by Sydney who was running her fingers through his hair.

"Oh." Enzo glared at me, he walked past me quickly and grabbed a waffle maker from the cupboards. He pulled it into the wall and started to make the paste. "I don't know what you're seeing Marcus.." He mumbled.

My eyes widened at his comment.

"You're such a jerk!" I said

"I don't disagree." He said shortly and poured the paste into the waffle-maker. My stomach growled at the sight but I pushed it aside. There was no way in hell that I'm asking him for some.

Enzo glanced over at me and smirked. Shit! He had caught me drooling over the food.

I turned around quickly and sat on the other side of the island, away from Sydney and Marcus. These two were not too shy of major PDA.

"You two should have seen Nevaeh and Cyrus yesterday.." Enzo trailed off.

"What about them?" Sydney interjected quickly, glaring at me from the other side.

"They were practically fucking in the water." Enzo gagged mockingly. I opened my mouth to say something but I was interrupted.

"Enzo, mind your own fucking business," Cyrus said as he walked into the kitchen. I smiled in agreement. Enzo scoffed and continued making his waffles.

Cyrus leaned on the door frame."You're finally up." He smiled and I rolled my eyes playfully.

"Your girl loves her sleep," I shrugged laughing,

"You took her to the waterfall?" I heard Sydney say. Marcus looked at her in confusion.

Cyrus turned slowly to face her and nodded. "Yeah."

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