16. Rabbit Hunt

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9 PM

After the awkward encounter with Enzo and Jaxon, Jaxon and I walked together back into the Pack house. As I passed the random wolves, many of them gave me weird looks. I couldn't blame them, I was half-naked and wet.

When I finally made it to the room, I quickly tore off Cyrus' shirt and turned the shower on. The hot water relaxed my tense muscles. I stayed in there until my fingers began to prune up.

When I got out, I quickly changed into a pair of loose pyjamas and git under the covers. I laid there thinking. Thinking about how crazy my life has been. This time last year I was wishing that I could gain an internship at the Pack hospital. That was my dream, helping others. I would come up with crazy excuses to visit the hospital.

Now, fast forward 365 days, I laid here in the bed of a man that I met only two weeks ago.

Our relationship wasn't even defined yet.

To say that I didn't like Cyrus would be a lie. I really did, my wolf really did. And because of that, I was in an endless battle of emotions.

Cyrus didn't make it any easier. I had hoped my next serious relationship would be loving and enjoyable. Instead, being with Cyrus was a rollercoaster. Some days were good, but many were bad. We argued constantly and at the same time really wanted to be near each other. I could tell he felt the same way, his constant jealousy and possessiveness were clear indications.

Our night of passion just yesterday showed that, Although, part of me wished it didn't happen. I had hoped that when we finally did the deed... it wouldn't be because my wolf was forcing me to. It would be because I truly wanted it, not prompted by the pain of my heat.

I yawned, turning to lay on my side.

We haven't even kissed properly yet!

I laughed at myself, holding the blanket closer to my chest.

And yet my neck and chest were covered in love bites...

I still couldn't understand why I had such passionate feelings for him since the beginning. From the moment I saw him, I knew that my wolf wanted him. Some would call it lust, others desire, but to me, it was pure happiness. Being with him, on our good days, made me feel safe, safe...safe...

My eyes drifted slowly, pulling me into a deep sleep.

- - -

I wake up to find myself in a bed of grass. My fingers on my side, pulling the grass from beneath. I look up at the sun, its rays hitting my face softly. I smile and watch The birds fly across the sky. They seemed so happy, flying peacefully in the open blue sky. I turned to my side to see a brown rabbit nibbling on the grass. My wolf instincts kick in and I get up slowly, careful not to make a sound.

I am on all fours now, eyeing the rabbit, my prey.

I take a small crawl forward and holt as the rabbit looks up at me. I stay still. We engage in a battle of dominance as the rabbit doesn't move. A loud scream is heard in the distance and I get distracted. The rabbits' ears are pointed upwards by the sound. It turns away quickly, hopping into the forest. I follow suit, getting up from all fours onto my two legs.

I run as fast as I can, following my prey.

It leads me into the forest, passing many trees. The sky gets darker as the race goes on. The rabbit is quick, constantly changing directions. I suddenly hear the same scream, even louder this time..closer this time.

The rabbit continues to press onwards as I follow it. I try to shift into my wolf, struggling badly. Unable to, I continue to chase my prey. As we run past the waterfall, I sense another being behind me.

I turn my head quickly to see a big wolf chasing me. I yelp in fear and run faster. The rabbit senses me quickening my pace and runs ahead. I take constant looks behind me, in fear of the monster chasing me. I was once the hunter, now I was the hunted.

The big black wolf didn't tire as my legs began to ache. I suddenly tripped on a large rock causing me to fall face planted onto the ground. My face is buried into the dirt and I spit it out quickly. From behind me, I hear the monster breathe heavy as it draws closer. I look up, the rabbit out of my sight. Turning to be on my back, I am met face to face with the monster. It's large gold eyes piercing into me. I hear the same scream and open my eyes in shock to find that those screams belong to me.

I shuffle away in fear. Its claws dig into my leg, stopping me from moving. I scream loudly as it pins me down. Its snout draws closer to me and I close my eyes, tears falling onto my face.

The monster's large fangs connect to my jaw.

Suddenly the ground shakes. I open my eyes to find myself on the dark soil. I look around to find no monster.

The sky darkens to a complete black.

The moon as red as a ruby.

The air shifts and I smell my surroundings.

Smoke. I smell smoke.

I attempt to get up but failed as my leg was broken. The claw marks deep into my flesh, with blood seeping out down my calf. I groan in pain as I lift my body up. I sit straight and my eyes widen as I stare at my surroundings.

In front of me was a small field. No grass just dirt. There was a small house with a label on the front door. I squint my eyes to read it;


I gasp as a fire starts to erupt, the minute I read the sign. It hits the door first, slowly burning down the orphanage into the ground. I scream as the fire gets bigger. I shuffle away quickly, my awkward leg dragging along with me.

Suddenly I hear branches breaking, signalling an intruder. I turn my head, and  I stopped dead in my tracks as an unfamiliar dark wolf with blood red eyes walks towards me.

- - -

4:45 AM

"Nevaeh! Nevaeh wake up!" A voice said, shaking me drastically. I blinked my eyes open and frantically look across the room. My body was covered with sweat and I was shaking.

"You're alright, Vaeh." Cyrus said softly as he curled me towards him.

"The orphanage.." I breathed out. "Fire.."

"Shh...It was just a dream." He silenced me, lifting me up in bridal style out of the bed. He carried me over to the bathroom and sat me down on my countertop.

My eyes were so wet with tears, I felt my face heat up from breathing so heavily. Cyrus turned on the tap and grabbed a small white washcloth from the cupboard.

He placed the towel in the water and squeezed out the water. He then walked back to me and lightly dabbed the cloth on my forehead. The cooling sensation calmed me down instantly.

I watched him peacefully as he continued, moving to my neck and my chest, wiping my sweat away. His eyebrows were creased in concentration which caused me to smile.

"What's funny?" He asked, looking at my eyes and I shrugged. He looked at me weirdly for a second before turning the tap on and placing the cloth under it.

When he was done, I was calmer. I hopped off the counter and gave him a hug from behind. He stood in front of the sink. And I clung to him and placed my head on his strong back.

"Thank you" I whispered and he chuckled. Cyrus turned around to face me, he looked even taller than before like this. He grabbed my hand in his palm and led me back to the bed. I got in quickly, laying my head down and falling back to sleep.


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