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Slowly, at least agonizingly slowly for Kara, she had been gradually introducing herself into Lena's social space, which was, as expected, consisted only of herself.

However, for the Luthor, she found the blonde's endearing insistence to be unbearably annoying.

Maybe frustrating was a better word.

Her relationships never even bordered on friendship, not even close. Everyone was an acquaintance or less, nothing more, and the fact that Kara was threatening that familiar trend with her bubbly personality and beautiful face and fluffy blonde hair and puppy-like attitude was absolutely...frustrating.

How dare she?

A week passed since their first encounter and Lena was unable to shrug her classmate off, not that she tried to, which was something that had shaken her to her core greatly; she never tolerated anyone to the point where she did not actively try to get rid of them.

I guess there's a first for everything.

The frustration was mutual for Kara; she usually coaxed out shy people easily, everyone for that matter, but Lena was...different.

Eventually it hit her.

She's afraid and broken, not shy.

And the blonde had never really dealt with that before.

Well, she had, but everyone's broken pieces were different and Kara was always able to put them back together with relative ease, like an effortless puzzle.

Lena though, she was shattered, several pieces a fine grain, simply impossible to put back together perfectly with so many parts strewn about.

Kara lost her entire planet to put it simply, and she remained positive and bright and optimistic that she could help others.

A kid by the name of Bruce Wayne lost his parents and preferred to brood and be edgy and mysterious like his teen angst would never ever go away.

Everyone heard about the incident with the Waynes, a tragic story shared among everyone at the time.

But the blonde remained in the dark about Lena's history, as it remained placid and unperturbed.

The Luthors enjoyed being in the dark, and it made their influence all that more catastrophic.

For Kara, she wanted to see what was underneath, she just wanted to pull off that stoic and cynical veil that masked something else inside - the potential, the capacity for love and kindness, uninhibited by the fear, the misfortune, and the tragedy.

For a moment Kara did not want to dig out the adversity buried within Lena's past - Lena's heart.

She did not force her classmate to sit with her at lunch, just opted for greetings and formalities.

The blonde did not think she was going anywhere with the new girl, their physical and emotional distance remained constant. If anything, by the Luthor's demands, it could have stretched even farther, and she was thankful that she was not being pushed away, at least actively so.

Lena was disturbed with how affectionate Kara was with everyone, words and actions and all.

But that was exactly the problem for her; well, the kind words were fine, bearable even, but the blonde's penchant for hugs was terrifying.

The Luthor realized that Kara stopped being so touchy with her, maybe because she could hear how loud her heart was erratically beating at the notion of someone making physical contact with her without it being heinous.

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