@Le_Muslim_MAN's Interview! Part One!

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Hello / Salaam everyone! We welcome you to the sixth interview in The Rahma Awards!

But before we begin, I'd like to make an important announcement. I'm sure you all know that Le_Muslim_MAN has actually published his book "Musa And The Blade" this year. And it is available on Amazon under the pseudonym "Q. Abdullah Muhammad" so be sure to check that out, buy it, and leave a review!

And while we're on the topic, don't forget to visit notepadnomad.wordpress.com for extra information about MATB! He has planned a giveaway (digital) and all you have to do for a chance to GET A FREE COPY is go to the website mentioned above (i.e., notepadnomad.wordpress.com), comment on one the posts, and subscribe too! [Also, he asks you all to say something about the book MATB lol, "not just hi! -_-" okay? Good!] Last date to paticipate: by Jan 1st 2019!


Le_Muslim_MAN interviewed by NaeemNaufer ! :)


NN: Assalamualaikum ya'll!! So this is Naeem Naufer and I'm the coolest brother you can meet, at least for a teen. I love doing interviews and act like I'm better than the TV journalists (which I actually am) and I'm SO EXCITED that I'm doing this one for The Rahma Awards! Seriously, this is big! And I was awe-struck and shocked when I knew that I was going to interview Le_Muslim_MAN ... Man, I never read his works, but I'm a big fan of his "The Daily Sigh", which you should really check out! So before this drags into a long Author's Note (i.e., A/N), let's begin the ride!

*clears throat*

*tried to look serious*

Alright, let's begin with your name, DOB, and especially, age.

LMM: Name : *redacted* DOB : *redacted* Place : Nowhere with Courage The Cowardly Dog. Age : *redacted*

NN: *sigh* Okay, okay fine... How do you feel about winning TRA this year?

LMM: Well, it's an honor. Everyone who voted for me, I really, you know, I really have to thank them a lot, because I have the best voters -- I have the best, you know, I've always said my followers and fans do the best voting. Unbelievable. You wouldn't, you wouldn't believe, I have tremendous stories and everybody loves them, everybody says so. I mean, I knew it'd win, bigly. I think it's what the people wanted. There was no collusion. No foreign agents made it happen.

If anything, I think there were a lot of foreign voters working for HopesPrayersNSmiles . I mean, what's she smiling for? Cuz she got away with it. What's she hoping for? Hoping no one notices it. What's she praying for? Praying for more support. Honestly. I mean, I don't know, but people have said it. That's what I've heard.

But my voters... They took their cereal boxes and IDs and voted and we had an orange wave. We really did it. EOF is at the top, and we're going to keep winning. We'll build a wall between us and the cliches, and sajmra is going to pay for it. #WAGA

NN: OH WOW! YES! NOW I FINALLY KNOW WHAT HER USERNAME ACTUALLY MEANS! Hooray! But wait, there's another thing I want to know just as bad; What inspired you to write the winning book, Empires of Faith?

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