Cuddling in bed

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Jason Voorhees was walking home from his killing spree, a little pissed that one woman got away, he was also hurting slightly since he got kicked in the balls by said woman. He walked through the door to his cabin, when he looked to the right his anger washed away. Michael Myers was laying on the couch, fast asleep, when Jason saw this he smiled a little underneath his mask and walked over to him. He picked him up, and as he did Michael nuzzled his head into Jason's chest. Jason, blushing underneath his mask, smiled, "how cute," he thought in his head and walked to his room.

He set Michael on his bed and began to walk out of the room, to sleep on the couch. Before he could leave Michael turned in the bed and grabbed Jason's hand, speaking for the first time, "stay with me?" He asked groggily. Jason was surprised, Michaels voice was very soothing and gentle. He obliged, getting in bed and laying down. Michael laid on Jason's chest, nuzzling into him. Jason put his arm around Michael, blushing very hard under his mask. He look at Michael and spoke, "goodnight mikey, I love you," before falling asleep, he heard a faint, "I love you too jay, night."

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