I met a guy who has a filthy attitude. No one can handle him. No one can stop him.

He's rude.

He's egotistical.

He never cared for anyone.

He always involves his self in a fight.

He's so short-tempered that when you do a little thing that he doesn't like, he will definitely kill you.

Yeah, he's kind (a bit), he's sweet (in a way that he will shout at you), he's handsome (so handsome that you will drool) and when he fell in love—well, I don’t know. Maybe he will shout at you and he will throw bad words at you every day.

I don't know where he came from (maybe from hell). He just pop-up in my life and ruin my day.

Believe me, in one day, he can tell ALL cuss words that you can't even imagine.

He's a monster but he doesn't look like a monster (His attitude made him like one). In fact, he's so handsome that all the girls that will pass by him will blush and there are times that he will be surrounded by different girls and want to take a picture with him. (Good-looking jerk, hah)

We try to kill each other, okay, that's a bit exaggerated. We just throw things at each other, he hurt me physically by pinching my beautiful cheeks and sometimes kicking my legs, see how kind he is? (Feel the sarcasm everyone)

Even in dreams, I didn't think that a monster like him will come to my life. (Meeting him was a nightmare, I’m telling ‘ya) A monster like him that test my shouting skills (All we can do is to shout at each other). A monster like him that will be the cause of my death (Oh well, his good looks and washboard abs is enough to kill me!) A monster like him that made me realize how happy being in love.

YES, I fell in love with a monster like him,

And even I can't imagine how.

A/N: Edited na itong HM kaya naman may mga inalis at dinagdag akong part pero ganun pa rin ang flow ng story. Kung may typos man na nakaligtaan, pakisabi na lang sa akin. SALAMAT! Nasa side nga pala 'yung teaser video para dito sa story. 

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