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I was sleeping well until Lamar comes into my room
slamming things onto the floor and wall.

"LAMAR, WHAT ARE YOU DOING." I yelled not knowing what to do.


"What are you talking about?" I asked while laughing.

Lamar just looked at me. I felt chills go down my spine.

He stepped up to me and grabbed me hard by my neck and pulled a gun out on me. "I'm not gonna play with you." He spoke softly.
I felt his grip get tighter and I almost passed out it felt like.

"You won't do it Lamar Charles III!!"

"Say I won't." He calmly grinned.

I tried to scratch him so he could loose his grip but it wasn't possible. He then let me go and I dropped to the floor instantly.

Trying to catch my breath, Lamar spoke, "I know your pregnant Leila, You know they speak on the streets." He softly told me.

When he told me this I could only think of one person who would say this, Carmen, my best friend since middle school. She was the only one I told and she swore not to tell anyone.

When I caught my breath I rose up slowly. Lamar has already left and I was alone.

I walked to the nightstand to see my neck and it looked swollen.

I saw a picture of us a year ago and I started reminiscing about the good times me and Lamar has before he went to the streets an got into some trouble.

It didn't take long before he started abusing me. I cried every single night and prayed to god for a better life but he didn't answer

I am having his child but he just had the last straw when he pulled out that fun on me.
If he could do that there isn't no telling what else he would do.
I need to do something fast.
Deal with Him and Carmen.

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