Chapter 62: I Will Let You Know

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I was glad when it was time to drop the girls off to Joy because I hadn't really spoken to her since we spent the day together taking them all over Raleigh to every place they had on their list.

The day had been so good, that I thought we had gotten back on good terms, but that night, I figured that it was all an act for the girls and that nothing had changed. I had to call her once to let her know about an incident at the daycare with Kiana and after calming down from the concern, I could hear something in her voice that had me worried. I tried to ask her about it and she told me that everything was fine.

I knew Joy, and I knew that she was lying to me.

When Joy answered the door, she looked tired. Not the kind of tired as if she wasn't getting sleep, but the kind of tired that made someone look as if they were not happy.

"Hey mommy's babies," she sang spreading her arms to give them hugs.

"Mommy!" They squealed running into her.

I couldn't help but smile because I loved seeing them like this.

"Guess what I have waiting on the table for you," she hummed into their hair.

"Cookies!" They both screamed running past her to go get one.

"The good ole fresh baked cookies trick, huh?"

"Works every time," she forced a grin. "I'll see you next week," she followed up trying to close the door.

"Joy, wait." I placed my hand on the door. "Just because we are separated doesn't mean you can't come to me if something is wrong or if you need anything. There is nothing that I wouldn't do for you."

"Rashad, I told you before that I'm not your concern-"

"You are the mother of my children, my only children, you will always be my concern whether we are together or not."

"And I keep telling you that nothing is wrong with me."

"Are you sure about that?" I tilted my head to look at the traces of red lines that revealed tears she had been crying.

"I'm fine," she said more forcefully.

"Well, if you're ever not fine, don't hesitate to call me. I don't care what it's about." In my gut I had a feeling something happened with the guy, but I wasn't at a place that I wanted to know or wanted to talk about it.

"Thank you, Rashad. Goodnight."

When I got back to my car, I couldn't get the worry off of me. I called up Todd, to let him know that I was on the way to his house. We had plans to watch that night's primetime game.

At the house, after speaking to everyone, I settled into the mancave with Todd and he already had the game up and going on the big screen.

"Whas up, boy." He said giving me dap, as I settled down into the leather lounge chair next to his.

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