Twelve; Two Humans

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"Listen to me, Miss! We do not tolerate rude behavior towards ANY of our children here! You sure as hell don't put your hands on them or anybody else. Nobody gives a fuck about your opinion whatsoever, so keep it to yourself. Now, you have one more chance to get your sorry ass out of here with whatever dignity you think that you still have, or, if you like, I can escort you out, and I promise, it will not be pleasant. I have changed enough ADULT BABY diapers to not mind putting you in them. Do you understand me!?" Mommy spat venomously at Mariah while I cried quietly. Carly came over and lifted me, holding me gently.

"It's okay, beautiful. Jessica knows what she's doing. She is literally our security here. She has handled psychos before." Carly tried to calm me. I just held onto her tightly and watched Mommy. Mariah tried to walk towards us, but Mommy grabbed her shoulder roughly.

"What? Do you all just pass around the baby pus-" Mommy closed fist punched her across the face, sending her to the floor. Her nose was bleeding and Mommy just squatted beside her.

"Now that you know I'm not shit, you have to the count ten to be gone." Mariah started scrambling away. "Heads up! I'm counting by fives!" Mommy yelled behind her and once she was out the door and a satisfactory distance away, Mommy took me from Carly.

"Looks like I have a baby to feed and a diaper to change. Yell if you need me." She told Carly and carried me back to her room. She lied me on her desk and untaped the diapee.

"Now, do you wanna tell me who in the world that was?" I shook my head with choppy, cry filled breaths. She stopped wiping me and put the wipe over my princess parts.

"Baby, you don't have to tell me who she is, but I do need you to tell me what's wrong. Breathe for me, princess." She played with my hair, and I couldn't help but to yell angrily.

"Nobody thinks this is normal! I am grown! I don't wear diapers! I don't need a babysit-" I stopped yelling when she picked me up, making the wipe fall off me. She held me against her tightly.

"Sophie, quiet down." Her voice was hard and soft at the same time, forcing my mind to listen. I grabbed tightly onto her and cried.

"M-M-Mommy, w-why am I so weird?" I begged and she lightly kissed my head.

"Now, silly girl, I don't see what's weird here. We are two humans that make each other happy. Humans who make each other happy, usually get together, don't they?"

"B-But not l-like this!" I squeezed her, tighter.

"Like what? Like diapers and bottles? Like girls and girls? Like rocking chairs and books? Last time that I checked, you were the little girl, and I was to worry about what is normal and what is weird. I think it is normal for two humans who are in love to take care of one another. If taking care of you means changing your diaper, holding your bottle, rocking you, reading you a book, or kissing you, that is exactly what I'll do. Are we clear, beauty?" I nodded my head. I couldn't exactly argue.

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