part 12

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Me: uh I have to go to school now 😥

Marcus: ah today we have free day

Me: lucky you

Marcus: hah

Me: I will text you later

Marcus: 👌

I put my phone down and hug Ebonie and Macey. "With who are you texting" Macey ask. "You almost never use your phone in school or on the way there" Macey add. "Just my interenet friend" I lied. She didn't tell us about meeting Marcus and Martinus so I won't tell her about texting with him. Ebonie look at me and whisper "Marcus?" I nod. We come in school and I text him again. But then school bell ring. We had math and it was boring but I texted with Marcus and teacher didn't notice. "Now you text in clsss too" Macey say. "Yeah math is always boring" I say. "Yes but you never did that" she say. "For everything there is the first time" I say and look at my phone again because he just answered. "I guess" she say. Whole day I was on my phone and Ebonie isn't that suprised because she know why and I have chance to talk to him because he have free day. Macey don't think it's my interenet friend anymore but I keep saying that we talk about something important. "What is that much important" she ask on our way home. "it's about Marcus and Martinus it's not important to you" or it is but she will keep act like it isn't so that I don't think anything. "It's only important to you" she say and roll her eyes. I was right. "see ya tomorrow" I say. "bye" she say. I go in and go to my room. I didn't do my homework first what I always do but I just continue talk with Marcus.

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