Chapter 1. Part 2.

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"Lieutenant... I need to talk to you..."

I heard Fowler's voice boom through the office.

"Iris, Cap'in wants ya!" Hank spoke, loud enough for the brunette headed lieutenant to hear. Her heterochromic  eyes turning towards Fowler's office.

"No, Hank, I'm talking to you. You aswell please, Connor."

Iris smiled, pleased with her small victory. Hank huffed.

"We're coming, Fowler!" I exlaimed, trying to stop a harsh comment from escaping Hank's mouth. Knowing I was trying to do so, Fowler quickly, but quietly, shut his office door.

"Connooooor, I don't wannaaaa!" Hank whined.

"Hank." I said, a warning look on my face and a demanding tone in my voice.


"Hank!" I growl, an even thicker tone in my voice.

"I don't want to!"

"If I give you a kiss?"

"Oo, yes please." He said cheekily.

I walk over to Hank's chair, putting one hand on each arm rest, bending over so our lips are level.
  Our lips met and danced together, fitting together like jigsaw pieces.

Hank smirked that same smirk into the kiss.

While he had the chance, he quickly put his hand on my ass and smacked as hard as he could. Without realising, a moan slipped past my lips.

I quickly shot up from the kiss.

"Haaank. Wwwwwhy. Now everyone knows how kinky I am you dickhead." I mumbled the last of comment harshly.

Hank pulled the neck of his DPD hoodie- that I was conveniently wearing- bringing me level to him, his lips near my ear.

"Come on, you know you loved it." He muttered, nibbling on my earlobe.

I breathed in deeply, turned on. An idea of revenge came to my head.

I leaned into his neck. He giggled at first, thinking I was just going to exept my defeat. I then stuck my tongue out, and licked a stripe up to his ear.

"You know it," I breathed, a sly grin on my face.

Before he could react I stood up staight, turned around, and walked away to Fowler's office- purposely swaying my hips. Of course I high-fived Gavin on the way.

"Talk about a fuckin' turn on" I heard from Hank's lips, slightly giggling to myself.

(364 words).

To be Continued...
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