N i n e t e e n

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Avery's POV:

It felt like thousands of needles were being pricked into my head. I screamed and whimpered as his hold on my hair tightened even more and he dragged me into a room which was shrouded in darkness.

My heart started beating faster as I saw two shadows of masked men with guns standing in the darkened room lightly illuminated with the hallway's lights. Avery, don't panic. They wont know you're scared until you let them see.

"Hey, Look at the sweet little thing I found!" The malicious man said to it's partner as he entered dragging me behind him. Both the men's vile gazes turned towards me and the only thing I wanted to do was scratch their eyes out.

"You wouldn't be calling me a sweet little thing anymore when I smash your head against a wall!" I shouted once he had freed my hair.

A man entered the area and all the man slightly inclined their heads towards him in respect. Without a doubt, he was the man in charge over here."Sadly as much as I'd like to continue our talk, you weren't actually brought in for that. You were brought here because Big Boss told us to use you to get Kyle Finlay."

They were here for Kyle? Why? And so there was someone else who was sitting outside but still pulling all the strings like a puppet-master?

Could this be that blonde and blue-eyed man named 'Lockwood'? It surely looked like that. The timing was way right for it to be a coincidence.

I was brought out of my thoughts when the dark room suddenly lit up. For the first time, I noticed the larger amount of computer screens fixed on the wall. Below that lay the bodies of uniformed guards, their eyes hollow and blood oozing out of their heads. We were in the security control room.

I controlled the urged to shiver and I tried to look around. My eyes stopped and this time, I controlled the urge to puke.

Oh my God.

There was room with glass windows and doors which I'm guessing the security guards used it for rest when they were changing shifts. That isn't what shocked me. Inside this room, were about twenty to thirty people sitting in there. Some of them crying and screaming, some shocked and still in trauma while some injured as the blood was coming out of their wounds. Two gun-men were standing and walking around them to keep them in check.

I looked towards the men in question as my scared and horrified gaze directed towards those students. The man just lightly shrugged as if this was nothing but a game to him and answered something along the lines of a 'liability'.

I was broken out of the scary place of my mind when the man tapped the microphone. Just then I saw where all there gazes were, at one of the computer screens which showed the unmistakable figure of a man and I almost sighed with relief. I took a step towards the camera.

The man tapped the microphone again and started to speak, "Finlay. Kyle Finlay. If you want to see your fellow students live, we would like you to meet us in the security control room-" He paused as Kyle turned around "Careful Kyle, I'm not a patient man and unfortunately your time is short. After five minutes, we would start killing one of these students. One minute and one more student will be gone."

Kyle looked directly towards the camera, tilting his head to one side. His gaze fully dark and a cold smirk made it's way towards his face. This was the Kyle that everyone talked about. The Kyle that didn't care. He took out his middle finger as he waved it directly towards the camera. Then mouthed 'Fuck off' while his gaze never wavered from the camera and then he turned around and started to walk towards the exit.

"I was expecting this reaction from a Finlay. You people, don't even care about others. That's why I kept this surprise reserved." The man's gaze went behind me and then only did I understand his meaning but it was too late since the man behind me smashed my head against the table near the microphone and an unlikely scream tore from my lips.

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