(Q&Q) brands in need of wanton engagement

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Qannen and Qynka are late (SURPRISE!!!!) so Truuuly and Sydrifase are arguing outside the club. 

"The romance is a f*cking smokescreen, OK Syd? The idea that-"

"Romance is not a smokescreen, Truuuly, they are in LOVE, it's real."

"The idea -OK shut UP- the idea that this romance, air quotes as big as your mom's fissure, would somehow cause the cessation, the abandonment of multiple public utilities-"

"No that's the whole point, the way their love has utterly disrupted essential city functions, due to its, like-"

"The whole point! THAT'S the whole point! Syd! I'm saying it now, watch, I'm saying to every zonny in range, this season ends with us all on our hands and knees cleaning up trash on some community involvement Let's All Work Together bullsh*t."

"OK you're wrong for that but I'm not saying you're wrong in general."

"Then what exactly the f*ck are you saying!"

"I'm just saying these are two families at war, Truuuly. We haven't seen Melidoptera or Kexopentine in like, 4 episodes? Their families are frEAKiNg out."

"You're very attractive when you're wrong. Finally, fuck," Truuuly says as Qannen & Qynka's car pulls up. "Hands and knees, watch. I will stand there watch you lick trash off the ground and remind you of this scene."

"Well idc how bad it gets I'm not helping clean it up."

They watch as the sisters emerge from their Modo. Qannen is first, her WetxGoodbye minidress riding up, flashing everyone and not caring. Qynka follows, more cautiously. Even from across the street she looks shaky, newborn.

"This bitch," Truuuly says, so only Sydrifase and the zonnys can hear. "2nd place on Recovery? Imagine ever showing your face in public again after that."

Sydrifase is looking at their screen. They scroll to a picture of a burly man hugging an immense yellow teddy bear and type ME. "She'll be fine. Maybe," they say.

"They got evicted? Did you hear? Plus they have to go to High/Low? That's,, a lot."

"She'll be fine," they said. "Everyone just needs to remember who Qynka is. Including Qynka."

Qannen hustles across the street as fast as her Scarematter heels will allow, open-mouth smile, tugging her sister along behind. Truuuly and Sydrifase watch the sisters approach, enjoying this moment. Qynka has been away for weeks, and this was how they belong: a matched set. Two fat girls in the tightest clothing imaginable, popping as f*ck. Qynka's thick, frizzy, upswept hair in cotton candy pink and Qannen's longer curls cascading down in neon lavender. Qynka's wearing a _sort_by_trauma jumpsuit with a complicated-looking BXT9 harness, terrifying Monstakid heels. Obvs both Truuuly and Sydrifase note the fact that their wearing brands a step or two down from the last time they hung out, but neither of them says anything about it. Realistically, they're hot no matter what. They have that energy.

"What are you 2 fighting about," Qannen says.

"Class warfare and romance," Sydrifase says, hugging Qannen.

"Public utility as ad-driven commodity," Truuuly says, hugging Qynka.

"Womg," Qannen says. "Did you SEE the new episode?" Truuuly rolls her eyes at Qynka while Sydrifase and Qannen vomit enthusiastic opinions over each other.

"Is it bad that I'm so far behind I don't even care what they're talking about?" Qynka asks Truuuly. "I just want the trash cleaned up."

"Finally someone with a decent opinion," Truuuly says, hugging Qynka again. "Welcome back, it was so boring without you."

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