Your Princess Is In Another Castle

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"Oooooh! Juicy." Michaela had a love of gossip and secrets. She viewed it as a form of entertainment with the potential for future ammunition if needed. It gave her something to focus on instead of analyzing herself and everyone around her. It acted as a mindless form of entertainment like television. She could take a moment to indulge in something so trivial every now and again. "What are you hiding? Are you hiding it from me too?"

"I'm hiding it from everybody." He and Geoff were sharing this secret, binding the two of them together. Nobody else on the planet knew about the game. Awsten wasn't even sure if mentioned it was against the rules. Geoff was convinced that telling someone would result in an instant game over. Neither of them had gotten a chance to consult in their all knowing NPC that was hidden within Geoff's grave. They had just come to an agreement over time; tell no one. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

"You know you can tell me anything, right?" Michaela threw on her signature smile, an attempt to pull the information off of the boy's tongue. She had a handful of tricks that helped her get what she wanted and that was one of them. If it wasn't for the weird feeling in the pit of her stomach, she would've gone for the information harder by batting her eyelashes. She wasn't used to feeling bad about her actions. "Try me."

"I'm not sure I'm allowed to. It involves somebody else too." Awsten's mind wandered to Geoff and how he was doing on his date with the devil. He didn't see what the other boy saw in she who shall not be named. Geoff must've seen something past all of the negative energy and tattoos. Awsten refused to think that the other boy was that desperate for love. He wanted to check in on Geoff now that he had his phone number. He got a text a few hours earlier from the other boy telling him he had gotten a phone already.

"Geoff?" Michaela didn't need three guesses. She could piece it together on her first try. It was an easy enough thing to figure out. Awsten wasn't a mystery to her at all. He was transparent like cellophane even if he tried to be mysterious every now and again.

"How'd you know?" Awsten had saved Geoff's number under the little purple space invaders emoji. He had everyone in his phone saved as an emoji that correlated to who they were as a person or the role they played in his life. Geoff's was an indication of both. He wondered what he was saved under in Geoff's phone but he knew it was probably something just generic like his name.

"College classes teach me more about people than real life ever has." The classes taught Michaela more about the human mind than anyone should ever know. She did a lot of independent research on the subject in her free time. It didn't help that she used all of the information she learned to help her manipulate the people around her. The word sociopath was thrown around far too frequently by her previous mental health professional. Sociopaths didn't feel things like guilt. A narcissist was a better fit for her according to her current psychiatrist. "Does he know about Geoff?"

"Jawn?" Awsten figured that if this party was a bust, which it totally would be, he could send Geoff a text. Just to check in on his date and maybe even act as an escape if Geoff had come to his senses. That was his best case scenario. He could seem like a good friend in front of Michaela, leave the obnoxiously loud party and save Geoff from a monster all at the same time.

"Yeah." Michaela's mind wondered to the party they were supposed to be going to. One of the pledges she had befriended had been asked to help set up by the sorority. Michaela was asked as well but the blonde immediately lied and said she had a date. Her sorority sisters insisted that she should bring the guy to their gathering and she agreed. It had been convenient that Awsten had asked her out. It was almost like he was doing her a favor.

"No." Now that he thought about it, he could also send Jawn a text at the party. Maybe if Geoff didn't need him, Jawn might. Jawn used to invite him over to help him with his work sometimes. It usually just consisted of Awsten giving his opinion on a shot every now and then and showing Jawn some unknown band from the middle of nowhere that he should shoot sometime. Awsten used to hate helping the other boy but a part of him missed it right now. He missed Jawn. "I don't really know how to bring it up."

"Just tell him you got a roommate and you guys hit it off." Awsten was overthinking the situation if you asked Michaela. She thought that there wasn't much to hide unless somewhere across the three boys that there was some sort of feelings. She already sort of theorized that there was some underlying feelings between Geoff and Awsten based off a couple of context clues she had been given. The way Awsten was hesitating about Jawn lead her to believe there was something else there. "Unless he's the jealous type. Then maybe leave out that last part."

"He's not jealous really. I'm worried about him not liking Geoff." Ding ding ding. That was it. That wasn't a usual feeling to have when introducing a pair of friends to one another. It was just unclear to Michaela if the boy had feelings for Geoff or Jawn and why he was suppressing them. It was 2018. Who the fuck gave a shit if you were gay? "I feel like introducing them is bringing someone home to my mom."

"Maybe Geoff should be sitting where I am." Michaela joked, subtly testing the waters with her idea. She was leaning towards him having feelings for her coworker exclusively based on the fact he hadn't mentioned Jawn to her in all the time they had known each other. His reply would tell her everything she needed to know.

"Then you'd have to go to your party by yourself." Or so she thought. She was expecting him to get defensive or say something heartfelt. She wasn't expecting him to flip the script and put the attention back on her. Awsten was deflecting the the statement which provided Michaela was absolutely nothing other than the fact he wasn't comfortable discussing it.

"You're right." It didn't matter if Awsten was avoiding her playful accusation, he was right. Without him, she didn't know what she was going to do tonight. If Awsten hadn't asked her out, she probably would've asked Viking to come with her to the party and prayed that nobody asked any questions. She would've posted about her problem on twitter but unfortunately all of her sorority sisters followed her account. They were all impressed by her follow count. "You're older. You've been to college parties before. You can help me look cool tonight."

"Totally." Awsten had never been to a college party probably because of the fact he never went to college. It was a subject that had never come up with Michaela. That and the fact that he hated parties with every aspect of his being. Awsten wasn't usually this easily swayed but the blonde girl would've been able to convince him to walk to the ends of the earth for her. The worst part was she was aware of her power.

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