Third Impact

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"Alright... Kaji... If you can hear me. I'm doing this for you... We're going to survive this! I'm going to get married! I'm going to have children! I'm going to live! I'M GOING TO LIVE!" Asuka yelled out loud and began to cut into the new EVA series.

She was taking them down quickly; drawing both her blades, Asuka was a killing machine. No longer with the will to 'be the best' or to show she was the best, she was fighting to live... fighting to have a life for her and Kaji.

"Touching don't you think" Misato chuckled and fired more. "Give her a few words and she'll fight harder" she suggested with a sly jealous smile of joy at teasing him, even under these conditions.

Asuka was fighting and she was was at great odds above the Headquarters with the SEELE Evangelion series being deployed. There was no pilots like in NERV's Evangelion. They where SEELE version of Angels with replica weapons of the mythical powers, such as the lance that was the same that was used to stab Christ upon the cross. The biblical battle of man vs man and man vs god.

Kaji called out to Asuka giving away from cover. "Asuka, you have to destroy the SEELE Evangelion's they are here to kill everyone and if they win, we will no longer exist. Fight Asuka, Fight for life, Fight for love, Fight for you!"

She fought for minutes until the power cable was cut, then she fought even harder.

"Unit 02's sync rate is going off the chart.. 200%... 300%... 400%! She's going too far" the tech yelled. The cries in German from Asuka over the radio were shifting, German changed into something that sounded like Latin.

"We got a foreign signature in the area!" the tech cried. "Code Blue! We got an Angel!" the cry came even as the fight went on... "Narrowing... its.. Unit...02?"

They stared at the camera, even as the fight was going on in the control room. Unit 02's armour bent out of shape as the organics underneath grew, Asuka could still be heard yelling as the fight went on but Unit 02 was changing.

An explosion ripped through the camera and took out their view of the outside. For almost 2 minutes the fighting went on.

"Unit 02 will be out of power now... I wonder if she won" Misato sighed during a lull in the Headquarters fight. That was the moment when something rocked the entire base, ripping open the front of the Headquarters.

Unit 02 came flying through the front of the Headquarters, ripping open the room to the Geo-front above, from their own eyes, they could see Unit 02 and Unit 1 fighting the SEELE EVA's, Unit 02 looked like a beast while Unit 01 was trying to keep itself under rap too, it was changing more, its arm missing, its mouth open and beating back the other angels before eating at their hearts... changing even more.

When it was done, it turned and held out its arm, the form of Unit 00 lifted from the ground and hovered close, light appearing around them...

"Oh no..." Misato whimpered, she'd seen this light before. "Third... Impact" she looked at Kaji, eyes filling with tears.

"Good Bye, Asuka. Fight on love." Kaji whispered as he turned to the fight before him. The commando's where not giving in but they where losing ground. Time had passed and things got worse as Evangelion Unit to was declared and Angel by the Magi. The few remaining monitors showing the data and the scene from outside the headquarters.

The Headquarters was soon opened and the Geo-Front could be seen with eyes wide open. Several thousand feet of armor had been peeled away and the Headquarters had been compromised almost as if god willed it so.

Kaji shook his head at Misato's words of the third impact. He had failed to prevent this event and here he seemed so helpless but everyone he has ever cared for will soon be judged and gone.

Unit 02 suddenly filled their view as it jumped on Shinji and Unit 01. They tussled but Unit 02 was thrown aside like nothing, like a weakling. She landed near where they stood. Her EVA not moving.

"K...Kaji..." a weak voice filled the air, full of static as if through a broken speaker but there were no functional speakers around.

"Go... We'll make sure you're covered" Misato told him, letting him get to Unit 02.

Making his way closer and to the gap between the Headquarters and the Geo front.

Watching Unit 02 and Asuka attacking Unit 01 in a futile effort before being repelled crashing into the ground very close to where Kaji was standing. Looking upon the Evangelion, The Angel Piloted by Asuka. Kaji listened and come closer. He did not say anything. It hurt to breath, it hurt to move but if Asuka was in there he had to say good bye in person if this was to be the end.

Crawling upon the entry plug it was hot and it was burning at his feet and hands. When he got near, the pod would open, its door and emergency staircase opening. When he got close and looking into the EVA's pod. There was nothing. Asuka was missing, the only thing there was her floating clothes and the A10 nerve clips she wore all the time.

Kaji called out to Asuka yet found only her plug suit and cockpit but no Asuka.

"Kaji" her voice rippled in the tank and the EVA shifted, forcing him inside as he fell in and it sealed behind him. The EVA began to stand up to full height.

It took him a moment to gather himself as the life support system worked upon his own make-up. As his eyes opened and he could breath he could see Asuka before him

"Kaji..." the voice rippled around him again. "I'm doing it, I'm protecting you... Like you protected me..." in front of him, a naked girl floated in the LCL, Asuka, but she was holo, she could be seen through, as if a ghost.

"I see the truth now Kaji... we... we can be one... with Third Impact... we can be... one..." she reached out, stopping just before touching him.

"I want people to live. If we are all one then we lose who we are, What we dream, who we love." Kaji told her softly, staring at the translucent naked form in front of him.

"You... don't want... Third Impact?" she looked shocked then smiled. "Then..." she turned to the screen, as if standing on the control Unit in front of him.

"...I will fight for you" she began to move, the EVA moved, every action she made with her self there she made in real life. She charged Unit 01, jumping from place to place and fought to the death; he'd feel the pain she felt every time they got hit, he'd feel the connection as if he was in the fight.

"Fight with me Kaji... I need you!" she begged, moving back as if to rest on his body but she drifted inside him, ghostly. He'd sense her actions, he'd be able to move with her, they'd sense each other.

They were... one... here... in the LCL, they had their own little Human Instrumentality Project right here. He sensed everything she ever thought and dreamed, her jealously of Misato, her love for Kaji... the love she'd grown for Shinji too, the one she hid. Everything. She'd sense his too, they were one and all.

Fighting off Unit 01 nearly killed them both, but at the last moment, something fell and smashed in front of her.

"It knows" she looked up at the sky and took hold of the lance; having fallen from its place in orbit, Asuka launched it at Shinji, her eye glowed as she touched the lance, as if something inside her was awakened.

At the moment they touched the Lance, Kaji would not know anything more... he would cease to exist. Something...happened.

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