Standing Idle

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"Off goes the heroes. The fight for man." Kaji muttered to himself as Asuka ran off to prepare for the next battle against the angels once more. Next he was to be escorted to the command centre.

All hands had to be at station. If Central Dogma was to fall Kaji was to retreat to the European branch and prepare for the end of the world. Such things did not shock him anymore. This world he lived in was cold but it was something he was good at doing.

The Battle had begun as the angel descended from the sky. Kaji watched as the command went back and forth in front of his. Asuka was showing her pride and want to lead the team once more and was given the honour. This was the highlight before the horror of the battle. The Angel had indirectly attacked Evangelion Unit two and attacked the pilot directly.

The clenching of Kaji's right hand was visible as Asuka because to scream and cry out over the communications system. Her last words to Kaji ringing in the back of his head as her screams filled the air. Did she know this was going to happen? In this was? On this date?

If this was not the horror, it become even worse as Evangelion Unit Two went silent and the life signs of the pilot become unstable. Even Worse, Evangelion Unit Two was now classified an Angel. Asuka was in danger not only from the Angels and the wrath of god but now she is under attack by her comrades and fellow chosen children. The command to get the lance was a two fold command. One to quickly dispatch Evangelion Unit Two and the Angel who infected it.

Hearing commander Ikari ask him of his choice Kaji only gave a nod. Kaji Ryoji was not with the plans of of the Evangelion project and the command centre hidden around it. He knew the commander could not know of his back up plans in case of the worst. It did seem the plans had to be moved forward. Kaji watched in horror as the Evangelion become the target. The Lance was used not only to dispatch the turned Evangelion but then the Angel above as well.

Kaji look to Misato was the last look he would have from the N.E.R.V.s command centre that day. Hidden by the monitors and sirens the clicking of the hammer on the security Units pistol in Kaji's back. Giving a smile Kaji bowed his head.

"It is time for me to leave. Please handle this, Katsuragi. I will begin preparations on finding a replacement pilot for Unit two." With a shoulder thrust Kaji was knocked into movement as he was now being escorted out as he was escorted in. Ikari did not trust Kaji and now that he proved he did not need the pilots to control the Evangelion's that was another small step to no longer needing Kaji either.

Between the ejection from the N.E.R.V. facility until his return to see Asuka later, Kaji had put the go on many of his plans; the plans to stand against N.E.R.V. and capture The Evangelion's and stop the plans of Seele.

Since the fall of the American Evangelion program, since Adam was delivered, since the use of the lance of Longinus against man. If Gendo only knew, Kaji would be dead. Still killing him would only transfer power to Katsuragi even if she did not yet herself know. Right now he had to deal with Asuka and her plight and wishes if it was to come to an end.

"Misato, I refuse to sign this release. We will fight to keep her alive and if she was to pass. We do as her final wishes demand. We owe her that at the very least." Kaji sat the clipboard on the table unsigned before placing his right hand upon Asuka's left cheek pushing the hair from her face.

"She fought for us. I will not forget that." Taking a seat Kaji next to Misato he sighed shaking his head.

"When will this be you or me laying in a bed like this?" Kaji placed the same hand upon Misato hands he cleared Asuka hair from her face.

"I have my doubts about all of this. Time might come that we need to protect mankind. Protect what we have left in this world. Even if it means standing against the system."

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