Last Night

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"I dont want to go with her" Asuka sighed and went into pouting mode. It was like that all day until she was brought to his apartment, she was walking slowly and taking it easy.

She saw the ice skates as she walked in and smelt the food. Smiling softly, she walked over and hugged him tightly.

"I knew you'd want me to say here with you" he turned to her side. "I told you and you said he was going to let me go" she told some unknown person and then turned to look back up at Kaji.

She sat down and ate dinner with him, the bandages mostly removed now so that she looked more normal than usual, however she was still rather tanned, her voice had returned to normal and she was pretty much physically back to normal, minus the skin effects.

The evening was going well for the most part so far. It would be the last evening for Kaji and Asuka living so closely due to command of Gendo Ikari of N.E.R.V. Kaji knew the old man knew that Kaji was digging into place he was not suppose to and this dangerous game might come to a halt. It was for the best that Asuka to live with Kaji's old flame, Misato Katsuragi and the Third Child, Shinji Ikari. Much safer then the life Kaji was going to be forced back into.

Grinning at him the entire time, Asuka had gone ice skating with him again, this time she skated like a pro, she had been practising more and more with him before their journey from Germany

She danced on the ice, skating back and forward around him, moving almost like her Evangelion; it was strange how much piloting a thing like an EVA seemed to transfer much of itself from the EVA to the pilot.

"I dont want to live with the others, I want to stay with you, but they tell me that you're a bad influence on me... they've even said you're going on some sort of mission and I'm going to need a new guardian" she groaned as she danced and skated around him.

"Plus they wont let me get back in my EVA for another few weeks; they told me I'm 'Mentally Unstable'" she growled the those two words, she didn't like to be left out the loop; there had already been another Angel attack that Unit 00 and Unit 01 had fought and won.

Asuka had off handedly mentioned once that she was jealous that Rei got to fight even though she did not. Unit 00 had been barely able to fight, NERV getting some money from some unknown source to fund its repair however what had annoyed her more was Rei's recovery. She looked normal, well, as normal as the girl Rei seemed to be yet Asuka was red like a tomato and flaking as dead cells left her body.

Enjoying the time on the ice with Asuka he payed attention to her mental and physical state. Physically she was looking much better after the trauma she suffered high above the earth fighting the Angel a few months back. Her mental state seem to be slowly improving even though she still referred to a mental block as a person. This was something he had to report to the doctor when they where separated. Tonight his whole personal mission was to let her enjoy life once more before knowing her being tossed back into the breach at the next Angel attack.

"I know you do not want to go. Still you can visit me from time to time between missions. One of the major reasons for you moving into Katsuragi's is to help you and Shinji get to know each other better. You might have to fight as a close team and it is predicted such a need will arise that you two will have to act as one. In step, synced perfectly." Kaji replied as they glided across the artificial ice. He knew she might not like his answer but it was not his to change.

Asuka smiled softly as she listened to him, how he knew that she would have to sync with the third child. It was strange that he would know this however she did not question it, as he had high information access.

She skated close to him and hugged him close. "Can we make love tonight?" she asked shyly

Feeling her soon after wrap her arms around his waist he listened to her words and pressed a kiss to her lips passionately knowing she enjoyed kissing he held one on to steal her breath away right before his answer.

"Yes, if you want we can." Kaji grinned down at her.

Dancing with him and kissing him back, she enjoyed her night with him and when he told her yes to the sex; she grinned and held him close.

When they finished the dancing on the ice, she stayed close to him and when scooped; she giggled softly to herself and held on tight.

Kaji intended on skating a while longer with Asuka so close to him. He did his best not to break his gaze from her own for the next few songs on the ice before a sudden scooping of her into his arms leaving the ice.

A few minutes later the return to the apartment was swift. Kaji not living to far from the arena where the ice was kept in Japan. He did enjoy his Watermelon garden and his ice sports over here in Japan so he made sure to be able to enjoy both in the land of the rising sun.

"Welcome home my dear." Kaji spoke up as they reentered the apartment. Placing both sets up skate near the door Kaji kicked off his shoes and stretched his toes before entering further into the apartment. Music begun to play as he had picked a soundtrack he knew Asuka enjoyed as the lights dimmed. The wonders of technology.

Walking across to his apartment and being carried the rest of the way; she let him carry her to the bed. Being laid out on the bed, she threw off her underwear from under her dress instantly and giggled, scooting up the bed to the pillows.

Several hours later and leaving scratches, bites and other marks on each other, she was fast asleep in his arms; enjoying her last night with him.

"I love you Kaji" she whispered quietly in her sleep. "I'll never leave you" she added, fast asleep and speaking in her sleep.

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