Falling Star

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Time passed as the afternoon moved into the evening and the sun set off in the west. Kaji had brought Asuka to his apartment he had for his long stays in Germany. It was a two floor studio with a sun deck on the back porch. Even though the place looked like your average German apartment he still did treat things like he was back in Japan. He took his shoes off at the door and had different slipper for each part of the home.

Leading Asuka further he took her to the sun deck which had a few micro gardens growing different fruits and a great view of the night sky above. Kaji did not want to live in town anywhere near the place he was to work knowing the dangerous proposition of his work. Also the city lights hide much of the worlds natural beauty being in the outskirts served him well.

"Would you like anything to drink Asuka?" Kaji asked of Asuka after he got her a seat on the deck the light show was looking to begin as a few shooting stars could already be witnessed firing across the sky. Making his way back in he did vanish for a few minutes before coming back with a think but soft blanket two pillows and a few refreshments while they enjoyed the light show of the cosmos.

Laying the blankets and pillows out upon the deck Kaji laid down his eyes looking up to the sky and then to Asuka.

"Come join me, please." Patting the blanket at his side. He had been pushing Asuka tonight with the need of physical and mental assistance after the battle with the Angel but all he had got from her is her pride and unwillingness to be human and admit her want of help even if it was to be his own.

Smiling softly at Kaji, she followed him until they reached his house, She stared at everything and looked at all his things; it was pretty impressive. She liked his style.

When taken out to the deck, she inspected the garden with interest.

"You like to grow things?" she asked softly, declining the drink and sitting on the blanket and pillows with him; cuddling up to him tightly, as if any moment she could lose him.

She had wanted to open up to him, him of all people in fact; but she couldn't, if she revealed herself out people would think she's weak, she had to be more than that! She had to be the best and the best dont cry, dont ask for help or whine about their problems.

"Its beautiful.." she sighed softly, "And so is the view" she smiled, adding a kiss to his cheek.

"I wish this moment could last for ever" she sighed and looked up to the sky, the stars were visible even through the light pollution of the city and she sat there for a long time just staring up at them.

Kaji was at one of his many homes in the world. The life of a spy not being the best for people to settle down in only one spot. Even so he was with Asuka her cuddled to his side his eyes looking to the stars above them. The quiet so nice only the sound of Asuka asking him questions.

"Making things grow is a reward in itself. I do enjoy it." Kaji replied with a smile and he two would have enjoyed this moment lasting much longer. Maybe he could have unlocked her heart and removed the fear inside.

Still as the night moved on she kept her barriers up as if he could somehow hurt her instead of help her through the trauma of her life.

Was that where the angels came from? Space? Or were they from earth? if they came from space, where did they come from?

"Look, a shooting star..." she sat up, pointing high in to the sky as a star moved slowly through the sky. Defiantly not a man made object.

She closed her eyes and wished... she wished... she wished...

The explosion shook the earth for miles, Berlin burst into flames as the star fell from the sky and hit the outskirts. Just as she stood up to look where it landed, another one hit, further out and unleashing a fireball into the sky.

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