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The next morning however, she was ill. The booze had gone right to her head the night before and now, her head was pounding. When he woke, she was gone, however the line of cum from him inside her dribbling along the floor to her en suite bathroom was obvious in the dribble patterns.

She had almost crawled to the toilet and he'd find her laid there, head in the bowl and having puked several times. She'd never got THAT drunk.

Kaji arms sprawling out to each side as he sat up and awaken from his slumber. Looking over to where he figured where Asuka would be laying he tilted his head as his eyes followed her trail when left crossing the room.

"Alright." Pushing himself from the bedding he stands shaking out his legs looking to the window.

"Another morning. All will be right in the world." With a smile on his lips he made his way to the bathroom where he witnessed her getting over her wild evening seeing the world, sharing a drink and warm company.

"Kaji" she smiled softly up at him. "I'm fine" she whispered, "I'm sorry" she added and looked to the bath. "Want to bath together?"

Listening to her he gave a small chuckle. "Sure thing, Asuka. Might need to drink a little more water when you have a hangover." Stepping over Kaji plugs the bath and begins to run some water making sure it was nice and hot.

"I feel like shit" she whispered and laughed softly. "but we had a good night" she grinned. Bathing and dressing in a rather girly dress, she sat at the breakfast table drinking her hot tea and having breakfast. Having made them both breakfast.

"I can't wait to spend more time with you, now we're officially dating, I'm going to be bragging to everyone..." she grinned, the grin never leaving her face since waking up to see him cuddling her.

After the bath Kaji enjoyed the breakfast in which Asuka had prepared for them. Listening to her as she bounced about getting dressed then eating then the inevitable phone call that he knew one of them would get this morning. He had been in the know of this day's event but did not know which day it would be.

However, her dreams of the day would be broken when she got the phone call. Walking over and putting the phone to her ear, she smiled and then nodded to herself then sighed.

Turning to him, she sighed again "We cannot go out and hang out today.." she then grinned again. "Because their letting me pilot my Evangelion today!" she giggled.

"That is good news, that means more development into the Evangelion project." Kaji replied a he took the dishes to the kitchen sink washing them off before stacking them in the rack. "This is also another chance for you to beat your own records and own the day."

He knew from time to time Asuka seemed to struggle in earlier trials when she and her Eva could not synchronise at the levels expected from N.E.R.V.. He knew the pain and anger it had drove Asuka to and the sadness that followed. He could only hope things go well this day for her. She is one important young lady and even his life will depend on her if the Angels arrive.

With the dishes washed off Kaji makes his way back to the bedroom to get dressed. He would return to his apartment before heading into his appointment later today to clean up a bit more. The client today is not alright with his scruffy face demanding him be more proper and prompt.

Grinning as she went with him to the base, she was excited and giddy about being able to fight and train in the EVA for real.

When she got all hooked up and kitted out, she waved at him before getting into the EVA. Breathing in the LCL, she enjoyed this feeling around her more than anything. It was just as enjoyable as being around Kaji, well, until she found the pleasure of sex.

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