Queen and King of the Ice

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Later that day Kaji was standing next to a pay phone. "Yea, the test are going well. The pilot is proving to be more capable with each test." A voice responded over the phone and then silence.

Hanging up the phone Kaji shook his head and made his way down the street. There had to be some place good to have a drink and a meal in Berlin.

Feeling the vibration in his pocket he pulled his cell phone. "Hello..."

"Kaji!" her excited voice came down the microphone. "Its me!" she said as if that was the only thing that was needed, in fact it probably was with the amount of times she called, text and messaged him. It was a rather overly cute crush but could be overbearing a lot of the time.

"I'm getting stirr crazy in the house, do you want to come over for food? I.. can put some things in the oven for us?" she asked, as if asking him out on a date.

His name being called out over the phone he pulled the phone from his ear for a moment before shaking his head with a smile upon his lips.

"Hello there, Dinner sounds fine Asuka. I will make my way over." Kaji knew she enjoyed his company and wanted to keep her spirits high.

"Also if you want to get out of the house there is a skate station having a lock in this evening." Kaji paused. "We can get you into the world so you can enjoy the world you are training to protect."

"Ice skating?" she asked as her eyes widened, How romantic! That would be so amazing to go with Kaji.

"Sure. We can do that. They barely let me out of my room never mind the facility" she chuckled softly. "We can make it a date! We can go out for ice skating then dinner!"

"I am alright with that." Kaji replied knowing that as she got further into development of the Eva project the less time to see the world. He knew of her past and it had been harsh. If he could let her see things in a better light she might be able to get over her past and live for the future. "See you shortly."

"See you!" she hung up the phone and let out a loud squeal. "I'm on a date with Kaji!" She repeated as she danced around, before rushing to find a nice dress to wear.

Kaji took a small bit of time as he walked across town to pick up Asuka to escort to the Skate Station. Within his right hand is a pair of red and black skate's matching her plug suit in his grasp. Shopping was so much easier with the Internet when it comes to custom pieces. He was a gift giver because he enjoyed life. Standing before the door he was getting ready to knock but the door opened and she was ready for the night.

When she opened her apartment door to him, she was wearing a dark blood red strapless dress which fit to her still young yet womanly body. She was indeed growing up fast.

On top of her head, holding her hair into its long draped style, were her EVA Interface headset which she used them as hair clips most of the time.

"Hello there. You look like you are ready and here is something to get you going." Kaji handed off the Skate's before looking over at the city. "I hope you enjoy the night, Asuka. This one is for you."

"Oh I am ready to go!" She grinned wide and then saw the skates. "Oh my, these for me?!" she inspected them closer and grinned so much that her cheeks hurt. "Kaji! You're the best" she hugged him tight and then took his hand quickly and began to walk along side him.

To other's it would like a daddy-daughter time but to Asuka, it was a man-woman date.

As they arrived to the skate station Kaji gave a bright smile. "Alright, you know this is one of the best places to meet people of your generation. I have been known to bust my bottom on the ice from time to time in my youth so have no fear." Opening the door for Asuka, Kaji awaited her to enter the place. The lights where dimmed and the current popular music playing in the back ground.

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