Weapons Simulation

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Another day at the Third Branch in Germany for Kaji Ryoji. The Eva unit was about to enter testing phase today. The history of the Eva program was sometimes a mysterious one. Sitting with a few of the German scientist in the control he awaited the star of this show. The young fiery redhead of this Eva. "Well let is get this going. She should be ready to break her records. She seems not to be one to give up."

"Guten Tag everyone!" she called out as she appeared through the door. Wearing the red plug suit, Asuka was smiling a wide, toothy grin. "Kaji!" she ran over, arms wide and slid to a stop in front of him, smiling up at him with the same grin.

"You're here to watch me today?" she asked, her eyes wide and a slight blush on her cheeks. "I told them you'd want to watch me" she grinned at him then turned to frown at the scientists around her.

Kaji stood to his feet as Asuka entered the room. Hearing her voice as she entered he smiled softly. Watching her as she spoke with her usual pride and moving about with spirit of youth in her sliding step. Now with her standing before him he replied. "Of course. I am here to see you grow as a pilot. You are the biggest person in the defence industry after all."

Pointing through the safety glass with his right hand he continued. " Today is the weapons test. No need to worry. I know you can handle this."

The marksmanship and hand to hand simulation was being finalized. Kaji was still in a bit of wonder of the truth behind the Eva's and the need for youthful pilots.

"Of course I am, I'm the best pilot anyone's got... I heard the idiots in Japan have some... other child for them.. Pft.. Useless I'd say if I'm the best here, I have to be the best in the world" she gloated and walked over to the glass, hand on hip and staring at the half build EVA, it was basically a bone structure with muscle attached to it.

It didn't even have armour on yet.

"When will it be finished so I can put it through its real workout" she asked with some impatience, turning and smiling up at Kaji. She only ever spoke nice to him, everyone else she either treated with impatience or like shit.

"Now lets not be to hasty. We will be running the battle simulation in the plug." Kaji remarked as he made his way to the window standing behind Asuka. His gaze looking at the Evangelion not yet completed.

"We can still work on the ability for you and the program to be one in the same. Better response time does make for a better pilot you know." He was challenging and trying to push Asuka. He knew she did the best when pressure is applied.

Smiling up at him, she nodded. "I'm just getting sick of just running simulations. I want real battle experience... I don't care if there are no Angels coming yet, but I want to get out there" She made a fist and smirked.

Leaving with the scientist, she was fitted into the plug and took a deep breath as the LCL entered her lung. She had freaked out when she'd first gone through this but now did it with ease.

"Watch this Kaji! I'll show you who's the best" she chuckled and went through the system boot up, then the simulations. She calmly moved through most of it but when she got to the tough part, intentionally put in to make her push herself, she was struggling a bit and getting angry. The sensors showed that she was spiking with adrenaline and getting very angry. She even began to start swearing in German as she took hits from the simulated Angel.

Finally the system shut down when her head was cut off by the simulated Angel. She yelled a foul list of German that a 14 year old girl shouldn't even know, never mind say.

"Alright. External power cut. Primary weapons empty." the scientist called out before changing the scenario to toughen things up.

Kaji watched the monitor's as he stood behind the lead scientist. A smile on his lips as he withered her spirit fire up. "Go her them."

In the simulation she has a new kaiju appear. Using kaiju are the closest research on angels the scientist can come up with. Two minutes and a progressive knife is all she has.

She let out a scream of rage, she pulled out her knife and ran at it, dodging the attacks. She was pissed from the defeat in the last round and the pain in her head from the beheading was bringing a migraine up.

Diving on the kaiju, she knifed it repeatedly like a murderer sat on a victim. When it was all over, she slumped forward in her seat. Her readings were now slumping as her body exhausted itself through the link. If the LCL wasn't absorbing it, she'd be covered in sweat and on the camera's she was defiantly exhausted.

"Should we drain the tank and get her out?" the scientist asked

"Of course." Kaji replied as he was already walking out the door to the entry plug and testing site.

A crew was quickly dispatched for pilot recovery procedures. Standing a few feet back as the LCL is drained Kaji shakes his head. "Good Job, Asuka." The hatch was opened and the recovery team begin to pull her out. As the pod was opened and the liquid drained out, she lay there in the pod's chair and groaned as they lifted her out on the wheeled bed. "Th..thank you Kaji.." she smiled softly and was glad that he found her doing well.

Laid out in the medical bay, she was recovering for the day and later was in her room in the base and was on her tablet and was hoping to go see Kaji, Perhaps they could have dinner!

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