Tanner Academy- Chapter 5

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Chapter 5


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Animal-boy and I walked along a pebbled path watching other students chat and mess around together. Animal-boy raised a flexible hand and waved at a passing kid. 

I frowned. "Are you a student?" 

He looked at me. "Yes, what do you think I was?" 

I thought this question was mildly amusing but i let it go.

"My name's Ryan by the way." 

I nodded. "Mine's Cade apparently." 

"I know." He said and I arched an eyebrow, "Rumours." He reminded me. 

I sighed and then froze. A bright blonde head bobbed in a crowd of people, searching. I threw myself into a bush and Ryan kept walking, oblivious that I wasn't with him. Stephanie caught sight of Ryan and called "Ryan! Ryan?" 

He turned to the sound of his name. "Oh, hey Steph." 

Stephanie caught up to him with a red face and her chest heaving. "Have"-gasp-"Have you seen the new girl Cade anywhere? She has dark hair and looks starved. Wears the BAGGIEST cloths I have ever seen." 

I frowned and looked down at myself. It was just a grey shirt and a pair of overly-large cargo pants, but I guess it did kind of hang off me. Someone must have put them on while I was unconscious. I shuddered, that wasn't a great thought. 

"Oh, she's right..." He said turning around and then frowned, "Here...?" 

Stephanie looked annoyed and brushed past him, grabbing random people and asking them if they've seen me. After a little while I cautiously made my way out of the bush and picked some leaves out of my hair.  

Ryan glared at me, resting his long hands on his narrow hips. "Do you have some sort of issue with Stephanie?" He demanded. 

"Why? She your girlfriend?" I smirked and ran my hand through my hair, feeling for any twigs. 

Ryan huffed and did something neither of us expected. He raised a hand above the crowd and called "Stephanie!"  

Her head snapped up and I stared at Ryan's face in shock. "Cade! Oh, Cade there you are!" Stephanie gasped as she pushed her way back through the sea of students.  

I yanked my hand viciously out of the way before she could grab it. "Don't touch me." I snarled. 

She stared at me wide-eyed, fear touching her eyes before disapearing. She then nodded and I calmed down.  

"Why don't you show Cade the dorms, Steph?" Ryan prompted and Stephanie shot him a grateful look.  

"Yeah, let's go do that Cade." She said cautiously and gestured me to follow her and I did.


I sat on the bottom of a bed bunk, dodging the flying dresses and skirts being sent my way by the busy Stephanie. She was on her knees searching through her large wardrobe, insisting that I could borrow some of her cloths until I got my own. Personally, I didn't know what all the fuss was about, but I think I sat through it well enough.  

As she was nearing the bottom of the wardrobe something caught my eye. A pair of ordinary jeans and a dark blue t-shirt. I picked them up and looked at Stephanie. Disappointment was evident on her face. "Come on Cade! You don't want to wear that! I've got a really nice dress that would totally suit your eyes!" She pleaded. "You need to look nice for your first dinner here, get a good reputation you know?"  

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