The man pointed behind him. "Back there. I am part of a convoy... we were shipping goods from the city and were attacked. There are more back there. I'm sure our employer will pay you to help! You have to save them"

Geralt quickly kicked Roach into gear and charged forward. He soon came upon the caravan pretty quickly and it was obvious that the group had been travelling in some size; ten or twelve bodies were already cut open and either dead or dying around the carts. Some had stood their grounds to defend the goods while some had fled, both were cut down pretty quickly. It seemed that not even those who stood their grounds could defend themselves from what had torn into them.

Jumping off Roach and slapping the horses rear to get him out of the area. Geralt looked around slowly, taking in the scenery around him.

"Did Daryl send you?" A man asked, running over and bringing up his shield in the direction he'd come from.

"About... this high, brown hair, pissed his pants?" Geralt asked, holding his hand just short of himself.

"Ya... he did piss himself" He laughed softly. "The thing went that way, some sort of giant wolf, but it ran like a man."

Geralt sighed, "Lycanthrope... Werewolf"

"Yea must have been, but I ain't no Witcher. Its your job to kill monsters, I only have to guard caravans from bandits."

"Alright, you stay here with the caravan and the wounded. Keep them all together and look out for Ghouls, they'll be attracted by the blood" Geralt explained and knelt down, poking his finger into a footprint and stood up to full height.

"Lets hunt" he mumbled to himself and took out into the tree's.

Taking slow steps through the tree's and underbrush, Geralt was sure where he stepped and doubly made sure not to snap any stray twigs or dry underbrush. Geralt could be sneaky but even a single stray noise could bring the monster down on him.

When he found more bodies, Geralt knew he was on the right track; by the splatter pattern and the way the bodies had been dragged, he found a small cave. Slowly entering the cave, Geralt enlarged his irises to allow himself to see more in the dark.

"Where are you" Geralt whispered to himself quiet and was answered by a long and loud roar. He'd spoken on purpose, the werewolf had hearing just as good as Geralt and he knew that if the thing knew a hunter was on its way into its lair then it would come out.

"Who... arrrre you?" a voice growled from around Geralt, the walls of the cave echoing the voice of the beast, a perfect lair to sneak up on any fool to enter after it.

"I am Geralt of Rivia, the White Wolf and also known as the Butcher of Blaviken to some. I am a Witcher, there is a contract for you." Geralt explained, circling around as he brought his silver blade up to the side of his head, allowing the blade to sit horizontal along his line of vision, leaving just enough for his eyes to look over the blade.

"Little ol'me?... I have done nothing to diserrrrrrve this hunt" The beast chuckled a meaty laugh. "I only hunt those who enter my feeding grrrround..."

"Are you the one who has been attacking the convoys?"

"Perrrrhaps... they brrrring meat... beerrrrr, mead" the wolf-man laughed and growled loudly.

"Then you are the one I am hunting" Geralt stated simply.

"Perrrrhaps... you arrrre the one I am hunting? Gerrrralt of Rrrriva" With that long last growl of Geralt's full name, the beast charged, jumping out of cover of a large rock and pounced on Geralt.

Geralt had spotted it at the last minute and span on his left heel and swung his sword in a quick slash. He managed to deflect the claws of the wolf-man and turned so that he could narrowly avoid the snapping maw.

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