For Monsters

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This is a short story that can be set anywhere in the Witcher timeline. It plays on the idea that Geralt, even though he hunts monsters, sometimes has to hunt different kinds of monsters.

Hope you enjoy it. I will continue to publish work on here and my website, if you're interested, check out my other Witcher posts on here and any other of my fan fictions or even short stories on my website.

Geralt had entered the town about three days ago and had already finished a job; hunting down and banishing a spectre. Now Geralt was hoping to take some time off before going to the next village or perhaps even going to Novigrad.

"Geralt of Rivia?" asked a tall man, dressed in some fine wear that quickly pointed him as a noble or perhaps a high class merchant.

"I am." Geralt nodded slowly, pushing his drink to the side to allow the man to sit down at the table with him. The tavern was bustling and Geralt had taken a quiet corner; putting his swords on the bench beside him where he was sat back with his beer and meal.

"Thank you, oh bar keep! A beer please" The man laughed softly and plopped himself down in the seat opposite Geralt. "I hear you are a man of business so I will get straight to the point. Are you available for a contract?"

Thinking about it for a few seconds, Geralt nodded to the man. "Depends on the contract."

"It is a simple job, well, I'd call it a simple job but I do not know much about hunting monsters." The man explained, "Let me introduce myself, I am Steneis Racenelli, the owner of Rancenelli's Trading Company, a mercantile shipping company; we transport along land and sea but have had a problem with a land route recently.

"Could help with that, it could be a number of things; not including bandits of course, your average run of the mill deserter and bandit" Geralt explained, tearing off a piece of meat from the chicken bone and throwing it into his mouth.

"Oh this is not bandits my friend, the damage, the butchery. Above what a normal man is capable of, even the heinous and horribleness of the lawless.

"I will look into it, I do have to talk about my payment" Geralt asked, looking down at the food as he picked up a slice of lettuce and put it into his mouth.

"I will pay what ever your going rate is, I am a business man and I know that my business is being hurt badly by this. I should haggle, I should barter and trade my way to a lower price but we're both businessmen of one kind, out to get coin" he chuckled, putting a small bag of Redanian Crowns. "There are two hundred there, call it an investment. I want what ever is doing this dead and gone."

"Alright, give me a map of the route and I'll travel it, checking for anything. If I find anything, I'll come to your office and find you" he explained.

And so, that was it, Geralt was on the road again, riding Roach slowly down the main road between Rimbe, where he had been staying, and Vizima, he had been doing this for three days now. The first day he took it on a morning and got to Vizima by mid-afternoon. The Second day he set off midday and arrived by night at Rimbe and finally doing the journey now at night.

He had found nothing yet and but had made a small bit of coin with a side job involving collecting certain herbs and plants; they were pretty obvious ones and did not even require him to search, only to keep an eye out for certain coloured plants.

Watching the road ahead of him, Geralt spotted someone running and sat back in the saddle, unbuckling the strap on of his back scabbards two holes down to allow an easy draw of one of the two blades.

"Help! Help!" The man began to yell as he hurried over the moment he spotted Geralt. "Monster! Monster!"

Geralt urged forward Roach until he was beside him. "Where is this monster. I am a Witcher"

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