The Way Of The Hunt

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"This place is just like our world" Geralt mumbled quietly as the pair made their way inside the village.

"Most worlds are very similar, you only find extreme differences in few worlds." Ciri explained as they made their way deeper through the village.

Not far in the distance lay a castle. Four thick, square towers dwarf everything below them and were connected by high, narrow walls made of a dull grey stone.

Small windows were scattered generously around the walls in fairly symmetrical patterns, along with symmetric holes for archers and artillery.

A regular gate with colossal metal doors, a draw bridge and hot oil pots guards a tranquil city within the walls.

Lush fields of crops surrounded the castle walls and provides the inhabitants with food all year round. The castle shows signs of expansion as some parts are clearly built more recently than others, the inhabitants are already working on another part visible from even here. Geralt and Ciri brought no undue attention to themselves, they were just your everyday travellers, not even Geralt's swords brought any attention.

Ciri had not been to this area before but she knew their destination, a castle in the distance. Arriving at the castle gates, they were given no attention by the city watch, whom were too busy dealing with a cart with a broken axle shaft, pushing it to the side to allow more traffic to filter through the gates.

Making their way through the castle walls, Geralt stared up at the large symbol high on the main wall.

A great shield with an asymmetrical tower-like top and an asymmetrical droplet shaped bottom was supported by a peacock on either side. All of which rests on a desert landscape.

A modest crown, or coronet, rested atop the shield, a crown of pearls raised on stalks and has a satin cap and a modest amount of similar gems decorate the outer sides.

On top of the coronet sat a horned helm, which itself supported the crest, in this case a simple tiger. The coronet and crest were decoratively bound by a roll of fabric, or torse, which carried the main colours used on the shield.

Lastly, tied to the helmet beneath was a fairly small drapery, or mantling, in the shape of large flowers and coloured in the main colours, just like the torse.

The shield itself had six colours which were painted in an indented pattern. Three lion heads and four lizards serve as the emblem, or charge, and an elegant ribbon, partially covered by the shield, carried the motto.

"Peace, justice, progress."

"This world seems to be very similar to our own, the names of organisations are obviously different but everyone seems to be going on like they would normally do in our own world. Geralt mentioned as they passed a blacksmith hammering away at a very fine looking hand and a half blade.

"I should take you to one of the worlds where flying bathtubs fill the sky" Ciri smirked over her shoulder at the older Witcher.

"Now I know you are lying" Geralt laughed as they stopped in front of a cart, thew owner a thin young girl selling pastries in paper and parchment.

"How much for two?" Ciri questioned and the girl smiled at them politely.

"Five dolnar, or I can do four for Eight dolnar"

"We do not have any dolnar, do you do trade?" Ciri questioned, and the girl bit her lip before responding.

"Depends on the trade" Ciri took off her bracelet, a fine chain of silver made and refined in Skellige by a fine artisan; an old gift from Triss.

"How much for this?" Ciri pondered and the girl flushed red.

"Oh, I cannot accept that! It is too fine and expensive for a couple of pastries, there is a barter shop around the corner, you can trade it there for dolnar, I think you might even get a couple of Feldan's for that!"

Dolnar's and Feldan's... they must be the equivalent of a Redanian Copper Penny and a Tamerian Oren,

A quick journey to the pawn broker and the pair returned with two large pouches of Dolnar's and a handful of Feldan's, apparently the chain was worth quite a lot. Returning and paying for pastries, the pair began to head down the street. Ciri did not know the location of the Order's monasteries but she knew how to find them. The Order was well known among the population and one simply had to ask a citizen, claiming to be from out of the city and wishing to make a donation.

The Order had one of the biggest monasteries of the city, seemingly just a little bigger this world's biggest religion who's monastery across town sat on a direct line of streets to the Order's monastery.

"Time to investigate, where do we start first?" Ciri queried as they stood down the street, observing the monastery.

"How about we take a priest and beat him until he talks?" Geralt smirked.

"Sounds like fun..." Ciri chuckled, the pair pulling up their hoods even more and slinking away down the street.

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