Double Trouble

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Geralt and Ciri set off for the estate pretty quickly, collecting enough supplies with the deposit to fight at least four Fiends rather than the two pair that were assumed to be in the area. Geralt and Ciri browsed many of the local stores of Beauclair for herbs and ingredients for Geralt's elixirs and the oils for their swords. This was going to be one hell of a fight if the man's words were true.

Arriving at the estate with Sir Quintin Rutherford and his entourage of helpers, men-of-arms and merchants. He engrossed their time with stories of his family's work in and around Toussant and the area before Nilfgaard entered the fray. Geralt had heard these sorts of stories many times but Ciri liked to listen to stories; even at her age now, she was engrossed in the tales.

"There she is, my estate, it stretches for many miles in all directions, in fact we've been travelling on one of the roads I own for quite some time." Sir Quintin Rutherford explained, dabbing his lips with a silk handkerchief to clean off the pain de chocolate he bought from a passing Toussant food seller.

"Wow, that is so interesting, isn't it Geralt?" Ciri grinned and elbowed Geralt as she brought her white mare along side Geralt's brown stallion who's name carried the legacy of Roach.

"Yes, interesting" Geralt nodded, not wholeheartedly hiding the fact he did not really care. Ciri gave him a firm stare and bit her lip in such a way he knew he'd be getting a telling off later.

'Why does she tell me off? She is the younger Witcher.' Geralt thought.

Once they arrived at the estate proper, Geralt and Ciri remained on their horse while Sir Quintin Rutherford wished them luck and headed inside. Two of the guards took them to the location of the last incident.

Even though it was coming through the winter times, some crops were still being grown which could handle the winter weather even though winter in the Nilfgaardian Empire was much hotter than the north.

The fields had been trampled and it was obvious there had been death here thanks to the dried blood stains. Getting off their horses, Geralt and Ciri split up to inspect the area while the riders left them to their work.

"So, what do you see?" Geralt asked as Ciri was inspecting crushed crops while Geralt inspected the blood stains.

"Well, we have two creatures at least, one is much bigger and the other, possibly a mother and their child but the child is still quite large; about half the size of the bigger one." Ciri smiled as she knelt down and picked up some fur from the floor.

"Well there were three people, one of them was quickly cut down by the older Fiend and the other two tried to flee but were cut to pieces as they tried to flee" Geralt explained and motioned to the separate blood splatters.

"Alright, lets prepare" Ciri smiled and she knelt down on the floor after the pair had removed their alchemy kits from their horses saddles and knelt down on ground before setting out a small fur wrap and began to lay out ingredients.

"Alright Ciri, what oil will we use?" Geralt questioned and Ciri quickly announced the answer.

"First it would be Dog Tallow and Mistletoe but to enhance it, use Bear Fat, Water Hag Teeth, Beggertick Blossoms, Hob Umbels and finally Green Mould. We will also be using Devils Puffball and Samum bombs!" She grinned wide.

"Good, brilliant." Geralt pulled out four bombs and handed two to Ciri.. The pair then broke up the materials with their knives and mortar and pestle, finally cooking it all in a small pot and poured the oil into two small vials ready to be used on their blades.

"Ready to go?" he asked and found she'd already finished putting her kit away and was ready to go.

"Sure am. Lets do this" Ciri grinned and began to run off towards the direction the tracks lead up into the mountains.

The pair made their way up into the mountains as Ciri tracked the pair of Fiends back into the mountains.

"You think their lair is up there?" Ciri asked.

"Only one way to find out" Geralt nodded and followed her up the slope.

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