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Geralt relaxed back in the bathtub and curled his toes in the suds. He'd been in there for almost half an hour and thanks to the magic touch of Yennifer, it was still hot.

It had been almost a month since Geralt had returned from Velen after seeing off Ciri on her first solo job. He was proud of her, almost like a father to a daughter. He'd gifted her with the silver blade and his heart fluttered the moment he'd seen the smile on her lips, the glow in her green eyes at the thoughts of butchering a monster with it.

"Geralt! If you stay in there much longer you'll shrivel up" Yen's voice rang up the stairs and Geralt let out a sigh. His idea of settling down to live with Yen had gone well for the last month or so but now it was just getting... well... boring. He would normally have a good two or three jobs by now, travelling through different cities and villages but being in one place was, well... boring.

Yen was right when she said it wouldn't last all those years ago. Perhaps it was a bad idea to just settle down. He had been toying with the idea of asking her if he could go out on a little Witcher spree, go out for a month or so every so often for a few jobs and return when he'd been sated.

He knew that was a bad idea even before he'd fully thought about it.

Getting up and dressing in a simple white shirt, black trousers and boots, Geralt headed downstairs and rubbed the neatly shaved sides of his head and finished tying it into a ponytail in the Nilfgaardian style; he'd picked this up somewhere but had found it rather stylish, along with the beard, Yen had said he looked handsome.

Dinner was ready and Geralt sat and ate with her, with proper silver knives and forks. This was 'Civilised life'. It didn't suit him at all.

Bringing up the adventure idea, he knew he shouldn't have mentioned it when he saw the scowl on her face.

"Speaking of a job" she waved a hand and a piece of paper unfolded out of her bag and landed on the table. "A client of mine asked me to see if you wanted to do this... apparently something massive has been killing cattle at his farm outside the city" she explained, having moved to Vengerberg where her shop was, it was pretty far south so none of the smaller conflicts of the North between Redainia's King and Nilfgaard's Emperor.

So that was it, he was on his way to a job with a grin on his face, twin swords on his back and the wind in his hair. Riding Roach out Vengerberg where Yennifer had wanted to settle for a little while before they moved out to his Vineyard Estate in Toussant. She had convinced him to keep it but he'd already made up his mind on that account. It was a nice place to return to when he wanted to Winter; Kaer Mohren was quiet without Vesemir.

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