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It was another day at the Headquarters, Mike sat behind his desk as he waited for the new recruits to arrive. Erwin had gone with Commander Shadis to collect the new trainee's and Mike was finishing up his new squad's rota. He knew he had one new trainee being assigned to his squad, that was a definate. He'd lost three members but being the number two squad, with Erwin commanding the first squad, Mike was the second highest squad if you didn't count the Command squad.

The horn from the front gate signaled that the squads were on their way so Mike stood up and headed down from his office at a leisurly pace. Arriving at the courtyard just as the gates opened and the horse convoy rolled inside with several carts of new recruits. Watching Shadis yell at the troops was a good reminder of his young days in training with Nile and Erwin but also bringing back memories of his first days, Shadis yelling at him as if he was a trainee.

Mike waited for Shadis to finish before walking over and standing a few feet away. Shadis turned and approached. "Mike, you got the first one, Erwin's going to sort out the rest of the squads."

"Yes sir" Mike nodded and quickly saluted before walking over to his new recruit.

"Recruit Nanaba sir!" The young girl saluted, chin high and fist to her chest. Mike walked around her several times before leaning in and sniffing her, sniffing at her chin, neck and shoulder; behind her he sniffed her hair and nodded.

'Banana... interesting scent, he could smell more than that though, it was just the surface scent. There was history in a persons scent. You could tell where they came from, where their family grew up and what sort of life they lead. Mike's nose was so sensitive and his years of training and perfecting the scents he knew helped him with his tasks.

'Why the hell is he sniffing me?' Nanaba thought as she watched one of the first Survey Corps members she met after joining them. This was fucking wierd, she thought that she was going to be joining professinals, not wierdo's who went around and sniffed people.

"I'm Squad Leader Mike Zacharius" Mike spoke softly as he turned and faced her. "You'll be joining my squad."

'Oh god, he's my squad leader! He fucking sniffed me' she thought and bit her lip.

"Yes sir" she spoke and nodded. Watching Mike smile as he turned to walk away.

"I'll show you around, there are only a few of us, since the last mission." He sighed as he looked down, it was common for anyone to die during the missions so most people didn't get too attached to many people but Mike liked to get know his squad mates, these people you had to rely on and if they didn't trust you either then you couldn't rely on each other.

"O..Oh Okay" Nanaba nervously spoke behind him as she followed. She was still wierded out by the sniffing, and it would probably take some time to figure this... strange man out.

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