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Mike stared at it, he couldn't take his eyes off it; it was sat right there and he knew if he reached out he could take it just like that. Staring at it for what felt like hours, Mike felt the hard whack around the back of his head; turning to look where it came from.

Mike stared at Levi who was stood glowering across to him, Mike being just high enough in his chair that he was as high as Levi was. Mike always found it funny that his high chair was too high for Levi to work in.

'What?' Mike asked knowing what it would be.

'No' Levi told him.

'No what?' Mike added.

'No' Levi repeated and turned to walk back to his desk across from Mike, the pair were sat in their personal office at their apartment. Grumbling as he watched Levi begin typing, Mike began to reach out for it.

'No' Levi repeated again. Mike sighed and looked down on the keyboard.

'I've worked too much to not have a quick ...' he reached out for it and bit his lip.

'No' Levi said again.

'Fine!' Mike sat back like a petulant child and crossed his arms. 'I'm not working until I get it' Mike added.

'You think you can just stop working, we have a deadline Mike' Levi told him firmly.

'Sure can, but I think if I get a little treat I can work better right?' He asked with a small smirk.

'So, you can decide... that... or me?' Levi asked, looking over slowly and staring at him with a small smile hidden on his lips.


'That... or me? Simple question.' Levi told him and sat back.

Mike bit his lip and sighed. 'Fine' and leaned back. Levi slowly stood up and crawled under the table. Mike let out a small gasp as Levi did what he had chosen. Mike put his hand on the table and looked at the sugar coated Donut on the little plate next to his keyboard; where he'd been staring at it for the past half an hour.

'Yea... best choi-ah-ce...' he jumped a little.

'Stop or I stop' Levi grumbled and went back to Mike's mid-work-session treat.

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