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“Alright,” Athena knelt down, grabbing a silver needle from the floor, before piercing it through the gorgeous silk fabrics that hung from Ariel’s body. “Turn around really quick; I need to see the back.”

She did as she was told, careful not to step on Athena’s masterpiece and began to look around the room aimlessly. The Goddess of Wisdom was beautiful and very reserved; she hadn’t spoken much after introducing herself and the silence was making Ariel’s skin itch.

Athena asked what colours she would like her dress to be, but she did not ask her about the design, leaving Ariel curious and grouchy. She was tempted to ask why Hades was such an asshole, but Adrianne’s presence prevented her from doing so.

Ever since she questioned her about Persephone’s presence, Adrianne refused to talk to her much. The sentences were curt and short, somewhat like Ariel spoke when she was in New York, but now that it was done to her, she didn’t favour it.

“Well,” Athena stood back, running her fingers through her hair before tying it back into a ponytail, “it’s all done, but you can’t look until after Adrianne is done with your hair.”

Ariel frowned, biting her bottom lip and muttered, “That’s not fair…what if I don’t like it?”

The Goddess let out a loud chortle, shaking her head as she waved her fingers slowly and the needles slowly slid out of the fabric. To her astonishment, she felt the fabric strings tying themselves together, wrapping around her curves and Athena clasped her hands together.

“Adrianne, will you please go and fetch some hair products Aphrodite left in the foyer?”

She nodded, bowing her head and slipped out of the room quietly. Once Ariel knew she was out of hearing distance, she cleared her throat and looked at Athena. “Why is Hades so…?”

“Ignorant? Impatient? Misunderstanding? Grumpy?” The Goddess finished, grinning goofily.

“Yeah,” Ariel laughed, “that.”

Athena sighed, sitting down before the covered vanity mirror and turned to face Ariel. “It has to do with my uncle’s ex-wife.” Ariel frowned, finding that the Gods divorced, to be humorous, “Persephone is a cold bitch,” she whispered, “and it is forbidden to speak about it, but since you live here now, I might as well tell you.”

Ariel nodded, biting the inside of her cheek in excitement and she continued. “Well about a decade ago, my uncle found Persephone cheating on him with some mortal man. Mind you, my uncle is very faithful and he had only done everything he could to make Persephone happy, so when he found her betraying him, he was heartbroken.”

She widened her eyes in surprise, completely taken aback at the information. She was mostly surprised to know that Hades was faithful and he had been heartbroken. “But,” she frowned, “I thought that he was going to cheat on Persephone with a nymph?”

Athena laughed, shaking her head, “Those are silly mortal tales; my uncle is the only faithful man up here,” she frowned, a quirky smile on her lips as she mumbled, “or down here, whatever,” she cleared her throat, “so Persephone was lucky to have him. He would shower her with precious gemstones every day, making sure that she received only the best, but that bitch,” she spat, “turned her back to him.”

Ariel blinked slowly, awkwardly standing in the middle of the room uncomfortably. She had been standing for only ten minutes, since the Goddess worked extremely fast, but she had been in awkward poses most of the time.

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