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A/N: I wrote this for my grandad. Everyone read or said something at the funeral, but I couldn't, because that meant letting everyone know that I wasn't coping. So, I wrote this poem to mimic the letter that I would give him and what I would tell him because I needed to find a way to say it without telling everyone I knew. I haven't written for a while because of his death, so sorry about the mini hiatus again.

Thanks, Jessy, X.


Dear Grandad,

You were an amazing man who had an enormous impact on my life,

And your passing had a huge one of the lives of myself and many others.

With a heart of gold, you were like a hero to everyone,

But it was big enough enough to make you the down-to-earth man you were.

You put the 'gentle' in 'gentleman,'

And the word had you down to a T.

You always made a lot of promises, and there was never one that you couldn't keep,

And now I'm going to make you some promises that I won't break.

I promise to be strong for you and look after Nanny while you're not able to,

I promise to not let anyone defeat me - like you never let anything beat you.

I promise to be as honest and good as you were,

I promise that that last one will be done within reason because we're not all angels like some people.

I promise that I'll never forget you or let you be forgotten,

I promise finally to be unbreakable until the very end - just like you were.

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