Nominations [Closed]

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Hello and welcome to the BNHA Awards 2019!

Before we start, we would like to introduce ourselves: we are Mars and Yane. We recently converted this account into one for the BNHA Awards in both English and Spanish, so these will be the first we do.

Now, let's start with the operation of the nominations.

1. You have to put the name of the fanfiction you want to nominate and the username of the writer of it in a comment in the title of the corresponding category.

Ex: Best Character x reader - 'Enough by @TheFicQueen'

(Maybe some category has a brief explanation, if my partner and / or I believe that someone might not understand it just for the title.)

2. You can nominate the same story to different categories, and nominate more than one story to the same category. But it is NOT permissible for the same person to nominate two (or more) times the same story to the same category. If this happens, those nominations will NOT be validated.

3. The 10 most nominated stories in each category will be those that reach the finals.

4. If possible, do not answer to any comments in the nominations. Nominate in your own comment. This is much easier for counting.

5. Please, in the nominations, do not put comments that are not stories to nominate. If you do, those comments will be deleted.

6. This is something that we can't control, but we would appreciate that, when nominating a story, you will not use multiple accounts to increase the chances of it reaching the final. It would not be fair to the rest of the nominees.

7. Nominating your own fanfic is allowed. (You will still have to enter the username next to the story title. If you put "by me" or something similar, the nomination will not be validated.)

8. Obviously, any comment both inside and outside the nomination section that contains hatred towards any story, writer, user, someone from the staff or the contest itself, will be immediately eliminated.

9. Nominations will be open until June 30th of 2019.

10. These Awards are for fanfictions in English.

Let's start the nominations.


1. Best plot.

2. Best short story.

3. Best long story.

4. Best One-Shot

5. Best lemon / smut story.

6. Best yaoi / yuri story.

7. Best romance story.

8. Best character x character story.

9. Best character x reader story.

10. Most original story.

11. Best narration.

12. Best IC (In Character). (The characters are represented equally or in a very similar way to the original work, their actions and way of speaking agree with those they have in the anime / manga.)

13. Best drama story.

14. Best character x OC story.

15. Best AU story. (Alternative Universe).

16. Hidden jewels. (Any fanfic of BNHA with less than 10k of views.)

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