Chapter 18: Blame [/]

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"Erick, this doesn't seem right

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"Erick, this doesn't seem right. We shouldn't be doing this," Rayna murmured, watching as the boy paid for the things he bought.

"Que es?"

"Instead of buying large amounts of these useless stuff, get a chocolate bar or something and be done with it. We'll only get into trouble."

"Its okay. You can just watch in the corner. Quiero hacer esto. Es un secreto. I won't tell anybody that you were with me."

"Erick, esta es una idea estúpida," the girl sighed. The boy raised a questioning eyebrow at her because Rayna rarely spoke in Spanish, except the occasional cursing. "Get some newspaper, superglue and hair dye too."

A grin spread across his face before he left the counter to get the things she asked for. When he returned, they paid for it all and left.

"Here," Erick said, handing something to her. She stared down at it and then his face. "Chocolate."

She rolled her eyes, then sarcastically said, "Yea right, I was expecting a dynamite."

He scoffed, smiling at her as he mounted the bike. Rayna sighed, quickly kissing him on the cheek before getting onto the bike. It left him stunned for a bit before he shrugged it off.

A few minutes later, they were at a hotel and began to work as silent as possible. Somehow Erick had the card to Zabdiel's room although he stays just next door with Joel.

He didn't even bother explaining how when Rayna asked him.

"Erick, a little bit higher," Rayna whispered.

The boy grunted and tip toed as she taped the last alarm clock onto the ceiling. He then slowly let her down from his shoulders and they both marvelled at their masterpiece.

Behind them, Zabdiel stirred in his sleep.

"Now, I'll go pour hair dye into his shampoo and you can start spreading the paper all over. We'll pour the glue afterwards."

"Ay si!" he muttered, a glint of mischief in his eyes.

"Remember to set an alarm on his phone and put it far away from the bed," the girl murmured. He nodded and they both got to work, being as silent as possible.


"Good morning," Devina said, raising an eyebrow at Christopher as he walked into the lounge room.

The boy simply ignored her, looked around the room and left. She blinked and followed him from behind as wandered around with a disoriented expression on his face.

He seemed to be finding for someone. Devina shook her head when she finally understood who he was looking for.

"Chris, she's in the studio," the girl said, crossing her arm. "Buenos dias."

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