I'm going to have to watch closely to see all the collisions unfold. I wait for the twisters to make the final few metres towards Medicham who is out front but they stop. Covered in a faint blue glow, the swirling gusts start moving upward and the wall of protection is effectively thrown out the window. And since Salamence was following the twisters, he got caught in them when they stopped.

Royce's pokemon act quick to finish the counter attack. Dragonair is completely vulnerable and Magnezone makes that clear with a direct flash cannon. Tyrunt manages to get the draco meteor off before getting destroyed by a well timed sucker punch.

While the field level attacks land, the one attack high up in the air explodes into bright fireballs. One by one, the dragon powered hunks of rock crash into the ground, taking out everything and everyone on the field. Surprise surprise, the attack resulted in smoke and now the only thing to do is wait...

I open up the window to see if u can get a clearer look of down below. Then I hear Royce's microphone fill the speakers with sound. "Medicham use hyper beam and clear anything in your way!" He orders.

Nothing but smoke drifting in the cool wind happens. Then a bright beam of light spins through the smoke and multiple Pokémon cries can be heard. "Didn't you mention hyper beam before the battle?" Mallow says and I nod slowly.

"Coincidence?" I shrug and notice that the battlefield is almost clear.

I examine the ground's condition. Craters fill any bare space and scorch marks can be seen as well. Pokemon wise, there's five not moving and one standing on one leg with their eyes closed and meditating. "If this is the end, that might be the fastest end to a relatively even strength triple battle," Brock states.

But then Medicham is joined by an aching Salamence. The crowd erupts in cheers for the determined Pokémon and our window is closed once again. "This is a true strength versus strategy battle," I state excitedly. "This could go either way."

"Both are hurting for sure," Brock adds. "I'd say one more effective attack could potentially end this battle."

"Salamence has a lot more mobility," Mallow points out. "So he has the advantage right?"

"That does make sense," I agree with her. "You never know sometimes though."

"Looks like Salamence is going for the win," Brock announces. "Dragon rush."

The teal dragon flaps his dark red wings and becomes more streamlined while falling towards Medicham. He becomes surrounded in raging purple aura and that's probably not going to be good for Medicham's health if this attack hits.

"Look at Medicham's fist!" Mallow exclaims. Damn she has good eyesight.

I squint until making out ice crystals forming around her hand. "No way," I mutter.

Salamence gets closer and closer after every passing millisecond. Displaced air flows behind Salamence with a mix of trailing dragon type power. Medicham floats just off the ground with her legs crossed and eyes closed. And seconds from the impending collision she unfolds her legs and stands firmly on second ground. Medicham pulls back and...

Instantly after impact dust flies up to form a small cloud around where the two Pokémon should be. About a minute passes before I can make out two standing Pokémon. "The battle is over," I state. "I don't know who wins though."

Almost on cue, Salamence falls and Royce is declared the winner. Nothing new happens after the battle and we watch the stadium crew get ready for the next battle. I crack open the window until hearing who's up next...

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