-Hmm ... no –The color came to face, he discovered in my analysis of this visual wonder that was his face.

After an awkward silence, in the arrangement of ideas, new feelings and a thousand things that made my stomach move, a light came into my mind and connected with my tongue and make my voice out.

-Hmm ... told me that Louis had agreed. When would it be? -I said.

-Well, if you can, tomorrow -he said, encouraged.

-Tomorrow ... But what if Sharon gets the job?

-Good point, then it would be until Sunday –He mused.

-It’s not too much difference -I said, knowing that tomorrow was Friday.

The waiter arrived and placed the dishes before us. The smell of the lasagna’s cheese got into my nose and my guts roared. Harry's smile appeared on his lips fleeting and shy blush on my cheeks.

As we ate I took several photographs of the site and just as before, Harry's face appeared between some. I didn’t know what happened, didn’t know why every time I marveled as Harry spoke, he knew not why every time he saw me my something in my stomach stirred, nor knew why when he mentioned my name I felt special. That made me think of Sharon and not knowing why, I suddenly felt guilty.

All my attempts to not make him pay for my meal were in vain.

-I am a gentleman –He said and ended paying before I refute something, he handed the money on the table.

He took me back to the apartment of Sharon, while the little creature was looking for some way to extend the time and if possible make it stop. That scared me, because I wanted so.

When we arrived, he went with me, directing his steps along with mine.

-I hope that Sharon gets the work –I whispered, half while my feet tired, listless climbed the stairs of the building.

-Me too. She has dreamed of that for so long –He agreed.

-Exactly, I know she would be quite happy to devote her time to something she loves enough to do -I smiled.

I opened the apartment and heard the click of the key to unlock, and then Harry followed my footsteps and entered as well. A rare combination of surprise and excitement grew suddenly to myself.

I stared at him when he closed the door.

-It's three thirty, she surely got the job -he said, looking at the clock hanging on the wall.

- Do you think? -I asked, feeling the little creature celebrating of emotion and not just for good reason.

-Yes, do you mind if I wait here? -He asked, playing with an apple that had been taken from somewhere in the kitchen.

-No, of course not, sit down.

Time with Harry had expanded, at least until Sharon arrived. That last idea didn’t please at all to the little creature.

The day ended, Sharon had gone past the five p.m. cheerfully announcing her new job and Harry, after three hours had gone. Now I was lying in bed, staring at the ceiling again, as in the night before doing an analysis of elapsed days and bringing to mind that perfect face, marveling at the memory.

I searched among the yellow pages of ads for a good laboratory to print the pictures I took yesterday. Sharon had left her job early and she would arrive late, so I had to find a way to pass time.

I muttered to myself for not understanding anything that showed me the book and then asked me how I could find the laboratory if didn’t even know if the ad had one. I definitely had to learn Italian. That idea made me think of Harry and I laughed like a fool to remind him. But that broke through a question that made me frown ... Why?

However, it was so stupid to not understand anything of that announcement, I positioned myself a little to distinguish the images and address scribbled on a paper of that place that seemed to be what I wanted.

I left the department with the address in mind that fortunately I had found in the directory, while trying to adjust my camera in an olive green bag that crossed my chest. My feet kept walking while it tried to adjust the entire camera and suddenly my path was interrupted when I collided with another body.

- I'm sorry, -We said, in unison.

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