Chapter 22: Red

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After that odd feeling with Terrance, I was able to calm down and face him calmly especially since Ken seems quite concerned about it, in fact, he even asked a lot of questions about Terrance, when I asked him why he wanted to know all he did was flash a grin and told me not to worry about it.

Anyway, thanks to Ken for convincing me that it was just me confused and new to flirting. Taking Terrance after class lessons helped me really improve my magic, now that it's stable I'm able to teleport anywhere I want, I can create things that aren't... well toys.

Everything is going great so far, but something is odd, I still get presents on my desk and it's always by the same sender, how do I know? the polka dots ribbon, but every once a while I get presents from other people, for example, one time a girl gave a picture she personally drew, it was me with Ken hugging each other close to each other by the waist. I wanted to return the drawing but the Fujoshi watched Nar*to before so she learnt a ninja tactic to disappear before I had the chance. So I ended up giving it away to Ken, he seemed really happy with it.

Months have passed and I'm halfway into my second year, technically it's my first year here, lots of things have happened in the meantime, Haru has been approaching me a lot often, Aki has been trying to seduce me into becoming his boy toy, Terrance well he's just Terrance, Furu has been caring for me and would often ask me if I was okay almost like a mother, however, Ken has been asking me a lot of questions about the people I interact with, once I tell him they disappear the next day, I wonder what happened to them?

"Alex~" I turned around to see Haru running up to me, with a grin he excitedly asked, "are you excited?" I tilt my head rather confused, "the school festival is coming up!" that was when I finally remembered that it was just around the corner, "oh yeah, it's next month right?" Haru excitedly nodded, "today my class were discussing on what to do, it was decided that we are going to do a cat maid cafe."

Quietly in my mind, I tried to imagine what he would look like as a cat maid, but it was hard since I'm not into that kind of thing, "what about you Alex? what did you class decided on?" I sighed as I said, "we're doing a... concert" I bitterly said.

Haru looked at me confused, "is there something wrong with that?" I nodded, "I'm going to be the one singing," with a happy expression he applauded, "that's great! I heard from everyone that you're great at singing!" I sighed once more, "yeah but that's just an excuse, the only reason we're doing a concert is that everyone else doesn't wanna do much like doing a cafe or a restaurant because they're too lazy, only the girls seem excited to do this since they heard me sing before."

I don't really want to be in the main spotlight.

'... Are you sure about that?' I look around in shock, "God?!" Haru looks at me in surprise, "is there something the matter Alex?" he looks at me weirdly, "uhm yeah I need to get going! see you later!" I waved goodbye and dashed out of the school and back to my dorm room.

"What the fork!" I threw my school bag onto the ground, "you bloody surprised me, God!" I hear the familiar voice chuckle, 'sorry geez calm down' I sighed as I take a seat onto the bed, "so what is it? what do you want?" the familiar voice stopped laughing.

'I'm here to tell you the good news, Haru is not the demon' I hear them clapping, "that's great news at least" I sighed in relief, this meant I can call Haru a friend than an enemy, 'now quickly give me the list of people that you suspect' mentally I list all the people in my head, "Ken, Terrance, Furu, Aki and Natsu."

I heard them hum in approval until they took a moment to think, 'wait did you say Terrance?' I said yes but this got them even more confused, 'ahh I see now, well, in any case, we can pretty much say Terrance is not a demon either,' I look confused, "wait what do you mean? what is Terrance?!" I yell out of frustration.

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