26. Weakness and Strength

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The loud ticking of the clock sounded ominous for some reason. Sage and Trisha sat outside the patients ward not saying a word to each other, both of them holding back tears and overwhelming sadness. Killian was undertreatment and so was Sage's family and if Alice didn't give them the cure, all of them will die.

They had less than a week to live now.

Trisha looked at the clock as it struck three at night and wished for some sleep to come but her mind was over thinking and she couldn't even close her eyes to relax.

And she was afraid that as soon as she will close her eyes the tears brimming in her eyes will fall. She just laid her back on the wall hoping that the tears will fall back inside.

People were starting to panic now as more died and there was no cure. It was midnight today that Alice was cosplay as a messiah for the common and give out cures. And then maybe charge some pharma company for that in millions. 

Everyone just sat there waiting to hear the bad news. Sage noticed a little girl passing in the corridor, stumbling every now and then. Her eyes looked dazed and her face was pale. One nurse was walking behind her with a heavy mask and protection gear looking disgusted. Suddenly the girl started coughing and blood dripped from her mouth and ears.

Anguished sketched over the face as she fell down and covered her ears with her hand. But the worse to watch in this scenario was lack of humanity as the nurse shrieked and walked away even after that much gear she was wearing. Before Sage could gather courage, Trisha got up and walked. Sage hesitated as he wanted to pull her back as Killian was already sick.

But she just bent down and picked up the girl not the least bit disgusted or worried.

She lifted the girls in her arms and carried her to the closest ward like she didn't care about her life at all.

And even though she was pretending to act as she will fight with the world but she was ready to die as if it was her mistake that all this happened in first place.


"You have blood on your clothes," Sage said as Trisha came back looking exhausted.

She nodded.

"You are hoping to get the sickness or what?" He said in a slightly agitated tone.

"Are you not?" She asked challenging him.

Sage was about to answer a definitive no but his hesitation surprised him. He gulped and looked away. That made Trisha chuckle a bit.

"Why? What happened?" She said and Sage just stared at her.

Even now it was weird to think that she looked beautiful, in a serene calm kind of way. He wanted to lie down in her lap and close his eyes. She blinked feeling awkward and he realized he was staring at her for too long.

And she had a tinge of red on her cheeks. Previously maybe Sage might have welcomed death but right now was not the good time to die.

Suddenly the whole hospital blared with emergency alarm. It was the alarm of death. Doctors rushed by from the corridor and murmurs of despair spread around. Someone is either dead or on the verge of death.

Trisha and Sage just sat there knowing full well there was still time for Killian and Sage's family to live, they were in pain but they will live.

"He has woken up." A doctor came and told Sage.

He avoided any eye contact with Trisha just because everyone in there knew she was the rebel, she was the one to be feared.

Trisha put no efforts in correcting them. They both got up and walked to the ward Killian was in. He was lying and a nurse was talking to him giving him some kind of instructions.

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