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                          [flashback chapter]

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                          [flashback chapter]

Ruby woke up and looked around the room. She turned to see Mary passed out on her bean bag chair. Ruby thought it was funny to prank her best friend.

She snuck out of the room and went to the kitchen to grab a gummy worm. She also managed to grab a can of whipped cream before heading back upstairs.

She stopped in front of her older brothers room. He was away at summer camp at the moment so Ruby had complete access to his room. She entered and stared at his pet tarantula in its cage.

Ruby loved his pet tarantula but barely had a chance to see it considering she was never allowed in his room. Ruby smirked and took the tarantula. She imagined Mary's reaction when she finds the tarantula next to her. Ruby thought of also taking ear plugs but last minute decided not to.

Ruby tip toed back into her room and quietly shut the door. Ruby slowly placed the tarantula next to her face, she tried her best not to laugh. One wrong move and this prank could completely backfire.

Ruby sprayed some whipped cream on Mary's hand. Ruby grabbed a feather that fell off of her earring and tickled Mary's nose. Mary rubbed her nose and went back to sleep. Ruby continued to do this until she woke up.

After a couple of tries Mary smeared the whipped cream on her face causing her to wake up. The first thing Mary saw was the tarantula causing her to scream.

Mary ran into the washroom and never came out. Ruby fell back after laughing for a long time. Ruby stopped and looked at the clock.

She totally forgot she had to meet Willy at the apple tree at 10 am. Ruby grabbed her sketch book and blasted out the door. Mary came out just as Ruby left the house.

Mary shook off everything and went downstairs to steal Ruby's food. Ruby placed the sketch book in her basket and got on her bike. She made her way to the apple tree which was next to Willy's place.

The apple tree was William and Ruby's spot. The two met every Saturday morning under this tree. This was tree was special to them. That story will be told later.

Ruby saw the blonde boy sitting under the tree waiting for her. Willy gave her a wave as Ruby parked her bike at the bike rack. Ruby grabbed the sketch book out of her basket and made her way to William.

"Look at this picture I drew!" Ruby sat down and showed Willy her drawing of a unicorn. Willy admired her drawing. He loved how she added the both of them riding on the unicorn.

"What are you drawing?" Ruby tried to take a peek of what William was drawing but he was quick to put it behind his back. "It's a secret" William told her as he reached into his bag and grabbed an apple.

Ruby's eyes sparkled as soon as she saw the apple. It was her favourite, a red apple. She hated the green apple because of how sour it was, red was perfect in her opinion.

Ruby grabbed the apple out of Willy's hands and took a bite out of it. She smile and pulled out a book from her bag. It was her favourite book called "A pretty face hidden inside", Willy was got her it for her birthday last year.

Willy smiled as he admired the way Ruby read the book. Without Ruby knowing Willy started to draw on his sketch pad.

This was the creation of the girl sitting under an apple tree reading a book.

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