Chapter 6

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(Brendons POV)

I woke up, my head resting on Dallons bare chest. At first, I was confused until the memories of last night settled in, and for some reason I didn't freak out. I can't change it, and I honestly wouldn't. I've wanted that for so longer, perhaps longer than I'm actually willing to say. Dallons breathing shifts, and he wraps an arm around me. He yawns and I giggle a bit. "Good morning." He mumbles sleepily and I smile. "Morning." I say back, and he chuckles softly, combing his fingers through my hair. We sat there in silence for a bit, his playing with my hair and my tracing shapes onto his cheat with my finger. I was still cuddled up to him, my head resting on his chest. I didn't wanna move for the rest of the day. I wanna stay here, with him.

Sadly, I knew that we just couldn't do that. Life moves on whether you like it or not. "So last night.." he says and I look up at him. "Amazing." I say and Dallon smiles, nodding in agreement. "It wa.." He drifts off and I lift my head, looking at him, confused. Suddenly fear flashes through his face and he hurriedly sits up. "What's wrong?" I ask and he grips his hair. "Th-this." He starts and I feel concern course through me.  "Dal what's wrong?" I ask unsure what 'this' meant and he looks at me, panic clear on his face. As if I should know what he's talking about."This.. this isn't okay Brendon!" He says and I bite my lip, realizing what he had meant. I couldn't argue with him because damnit, he was right. This was far from okay. It wasn't okay in the slightest. "S-sarah would be so hurt if.. if she found out." He says and I grab his arm. He stops and looks at me, and I try to reassure him through my gaze.

"She won't." I say and he just stares at me. "Tours almost over, we can't keep this up after. She'll find out immediately. She's gonna find out some day. We can't find forever." Dallon says and I look down. I know that's his way of saying that I need to choose, and I already knew who I wanted by this point. I think it's clearly obvious. I wanted Dallon. I've always wanted him. I just don't wanna hurt Sarah. I can't hurt her. I'm such an idiot, I already have. I already have hurt her but I don't wanna break her heart. I feel like this is a lose, lose situation. "Come lay back down, we can worry when necessary let's enjoy our time." I say and he seemed hesitant to lay back down. "Unless you rather go to your hotel room." I say, letting him know that he does have options. I dont want him to feel like he has to stay here with me. He doesn't have to do this.

He immediately lays back down and I feel a smile creep onto my face, and I cuddle into his side, pressing a kiss to his neck. "I'm sorry.." Dallon mumbles and I smile against his neck. "Don't worry, babe. Just chill out." I mumble softly, and he wraps an arm around me. He hums softly and I smile widely, pressing a soft kiss to his jaw and puting my face into his neck. Going back to bed doesn't sound too bad you know. Just laying here all cuddled up, sleeping. Enjoying each others company. Exchanging kisses here and there. Whispering cute things to eachother as if the whole world coukd hear us. I can feel my eyes start to drift closed and I sigh contently and push myself into Dallon. "Are you okay?" He asks and I nod. "Just enjoying being here with you." I mumble and he rubs my back. We fell back into a peaceful silence and I could feel sleep start to consume me once again.

Suddenly loud knocking is heard at my door and my eyes widen. "Brendon! Open up! We gotta leave in 10 minutes!" Zachs voice rings through the room, and I look at Dallon with wide eyes. "Go into the bathroom, get changed, and I'll distract him." I whisper. "Okay one moment!" I yell back as I hurriedly got out of bed. We were both still naked, and that wouldn't be a good look. In fact, that would be very bad. Thank god the door was locked. Dallon collects his clothes and goes into the bathroom, as I pull on a pair of boxers. I grab a shirt off the ground, and pull it over my head. You see, I wouldn't have problem answering the door in just my boxers if I didn't have hickeys all over my ribcage. I run my hands over my face, and comb my fingers through my hair, and pull open the door.

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