Chapter 5: Lights out

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'I always feel like somebody's watching me, so tell me when the lights go out, tell me if it's safe now'

'I always feel like somebody's watching me, so tell me when the lights go out, tell me if it's safe now'

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On the plane back to the mainland, Lilianna was curled up in a ball on the floor of the private jet. Her knees were pressed to her chest, her head was down and blocking out the rest of the world.

You're mine Lilianna Price.

She shuddered at the sound of his voice ringing through her head. She could still feel his rough hands on her skin, his cologne suffocating her from his body being so close to her own. She could have sworn it had rubbed off onto the navy blue cardigan that she was wearing.

The jet was about to land and when it did, she didn't know what to expect. Would the Bureau be waiting there to put her into witness protection? Would Hardy be there to ask how things went? Would Terrence's groupies be there to kidnap her for their leader's sake?

When she stepped off the jet, all that was on the asphalt was her Volkswagen, just like how she had left it. Relief washed over her as she made her way home. Once she pulled into her driveway, she felt panic rise in her again. The black Range Rover from the previous day was still parked in front of her house.

My men are in your life to make sure you don't do anything stupid and to keep an eye on you for me.

The realization hit her like a ton of bricks. That car belonged to his groupies. The phone call, the Bureau investigator, those were all distractions from the thing that was really linked to Vendetta. That Range Rover.

She stared at it through squinted eyes, and she could make out two figures behind the tinted glass.

"Bloody criminals. Leave me alone." She grumbled to herself as she marched inside and locked all her doors and shut the outside world, well, out.

Trying to settle into her home to be alone and relax after all the craziness she had previously experienced was hard. Being the obsession of the world's worst criminal was eating away at her. Being watched by his henchmen scared her to the bone. She was terrified. Yet, how could she get herself out of something so big? He was the devil reincarnation, she couldn't run from him if she tried, especially not after what he told her.

A sudden knock on the door had her jumping out of her own skin and letting out a small shriek.

"Lilianna?" Hardy's scared voice called to her once he heard her fear through the door. The door opened quickly and he was yanked inside before he could register what was going on.

"I thought you were gonna kill me, sorry." She sighed, rubbing a hand over her stressed face.

"Kill you? Are those gang bangers-" He almost screamed at the thought of his only family ending up dead because of the scum bag he had put so much work into understanding.

"Don't worry about it. I'm just paranoid. You know me." She lied with a reassuring smile. He bought it and let out a giant huff of air in relief.

"How was your session? I was just stopping by to check up on you and see how the day went." He asked, hoping to hear the recording from the session.

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