19.I never loved you

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Rey moved quickly down the corridors desperate to reach Ben's room as quickly as possible. She turned a corner and fell to the ground crashing into someone. "Oh I'm so sorry." Said the man helping her up, it was General Sanders.

"General Sanders, I'm so sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going." Brushing down her top.

"It's fine really, actually I've been meaning to talk to you Rey, could you come with me a second?" Asked General Sanders gesturing for her to walk with him.

"I was actually just on my way to speak with Ben Solo." Said Rey.

"Oh this won't take a minute." Said General Sanders.

"Okay but please make this quick." Said Rey following him down the hall he led her into a small meeting room off to the side.

"So Rey, how are you?" He Asked sitting down at the head of the table.

"I'm fine," Rey said suspiciously.

"Good and how is the secret relationship with Ben Solo?" He Asked. Rey's eyes widened. How the hell did he know?

"How do you know about that?" Asked Rey not even trying to deny it.

"Let's just say I'm good at gathering information." He said a grin spreading across his face.

"You're the spy!" Rey said immediately.

"Very good Rey." He said with a laugh, "You are smarter than you look."

"What do you want from me?" Asked Rey gritting her teeth.

"Just a simple favour." He said standing and walking over to her.

"I want you to send Kylo Ren back to the first order." General Sanders said.

"Why would I do that?" Asked Rey.

"Because if you don't I will kill him myself." Said General Sanders simply.

"You wouldn't." Said Rey strongly.

"Well probably not me personally but I do know many assassins." He said with a smile, "I will kill him in the most painful way possible, you love him don't you? Then send him away."

Rey took a deep breath, "I will tell General Organa."

"Will you though? Because if you do I will kill both you and your child." Said General Sanders.

Rey touched her stomach, "You won't hurt my child."

"If you send Kylo Ren away then no one will be harmed." Said General Sanders walking towards the door, "You have until tonight." And with that he left the room slamming it behind him.

Tears ran down Rey's cheeks, she couldn't do it she couldn't send him away. But she had to, for the sake of his life.

Rey moved over to the door and stepped out into the corridor. She slowly walked along the hall towards Ben's room.

Rey knocked on the door of Ben's apartment and the door flung open.

"Hey your back where have you been?" He Asked embracing her, only Rey didn't hug him back. Ben pulled away confused.

"What's wrong Rey?" Rey stepped inside closing the door behind her.

"You need to leave Ben, leave this planet." Rey said plainly.

"What do you mean leave? Rey what about us?" Ben asked caressing her cheek. Rey stepped away from him.

"It must end, you need to leave." She said turning away.

"No there is something going on, Rey you can tell me." Ben said grabbing her arm gently.

Rey ignored him heading for the door, "Rey tell me the truth."

"You want the truth? The truth is I don't love you, I never loved you, I used you to help the resistance." Rey said standing up straighter.

Ben's eyes filled with tears, "You used me?" He Asked quietly.

Rey nodded, "Yes, I only wanted you for information, but now you need to go."

Ben's fists clenched, "You made me believe you loved me." He said through gritted teeth, "I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME!" He Shouted.

"Well then you were wrong." She said simply.

"I HATE YOU!" Ben Shouted before storming out of the room. Rey gasped, he hated her it was done. He could now be safe. Rey could hear in the distance the sound of a ship leaving and the force connection breaking, he was gone. And he had managed to destroy their connection.

Rey fell to her knees and burst into floods of tears. She ran out of the room and towards the hanger bay. A ship was leaving Rey rushed over to it as it took off, "BEN!" She screamed, "BEN!" She wanted to tell him the truth that it was all a lie to protect him. Rey fell to her knees as the ship left the atmosphere. The sight of it leaving made her feel dizzy and suddenly she was falling to the ground hitting her head against the concrete and she fell unconscious.
Rey woke to strong arms lifting her up from the ground, she opened her eyes to see Finn was carrying her to her room, she immediately burst into tears. "Ssh Rey it's okay," said Finn as they entered her room.

"I sent him away told him I didn't love him." She said as Finn lay her down on the bed.

"Why?" He Asked.

"General Sanders said he would kill him if I didn't." Said Rey getting under the covers trying to stop shaking.

"Bastard," said Finn angrily.

"He's the spy, he works for the first order." Rey whispered.

"What?" Asked Finn shocked.

Rey nodded. "Did he hurt you?" He Asked sitting down in the floor next to her.

Rey shook her head, "No but he said if I told anyone he would kill us both."

"Us?" Finn asked confused. Rey pulled away the sheets and touched her stomach.

"Y-your pregnant?" Said Finn. Rey burst into more floods of tears.

"I've ruined their life, I've forced them away from their Father." She cried.

"You haven't ruined their life, you've protected them." Said Finn leaning forward and gently kissing her forehead.

"I need Ben." Rey croaked. 

"I know Rey, and he will come back. I promise."

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