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First day of school. Yay. Another year of being mute. I went mute in eighth grade. This is because when I was seven, my dad met a woman named Hellen. I never liked her, she never liked me. She constantly abused me, and two years later, my dad realized she abused me and called the cops. She was diagnosed schizophrenic and bipolar and ended up in an insane aslylum. She and my dad had two twin boys named Bobby and Matthew. They were almost two when she got taken away. I loved the two boys, as my full brothers, and my dad did too and couldn't bear to send them to an orphanage. So he went to court and got full custody over them.

At school, I was bullied because of my scars and my intelligence. I don't really like to brag about it, but I am one of the top students in my grade.

I would be called a nerd, a good two shoes and other things. Now those wouldn't have really affected me had it not been for the bullies also hitting me, cornering me in the halls and beating the life out of me, giving me swirlies, and then yelling at me, things like, "if you're so smart, how do you get out of this" while beating me up.

So I went mute in eighth grade. I only talk to my dad, my older completely biological brother Malcom who is a senior at my school, Bobby and Matthew, and my cousin Magnus who now lives with us after his dad disappeared and his mother died.

But hopefully the bullying will stop now that we have moved. We used to live in San Fransisco, but we moved over the summer to Manhattan New York.

I'm still going to be mute, but hopefully I won't be bullied me as much.

Its 6:30 and I just woke up. I first packed my backpack full of a binder, several notebooks, several folders, pens, pencils, sticky notes, and other school stuff.

I went downstairs and poured myself a bowl of cereal. The twins don't need to be up for another hour so I'm being really quiet. Malcom is up already, and so is Magnus. Magnus is in my grade in high school. Sophmore. My dad knows we're all responsible, so he doesn't get up until it's time to get the twins ready.

"So, Annie, are you gonna be mute this year too?" Malcom asks.

"Yes. I'm not gonna risk being bullied again. So, if I'm mute, no one will really know how smart I am. And don't call me Annie! " I say.

"Ah. Okay. Smart Annie." Magnus says.

"Oh shut up with you're supposed-to-be-puns Maggie."

"Okay you two stop." Malcom  says "Annabeth, if anyone messes with you, tell me. You too Magnus. Don't keep it hidden. Let me know. I'll take care of it."

"Whatever." I say. "I'm still going mute."

"That's fine I guess, cus I know I can't change your mind. Just don't let people judge you for who you are. You be you " Malcom said to me.

I finished my cereal, and went to take a shower.

I brush my teeth, then go get dressed. I attempted to brush my hair, then pulled my long blonde hair back in a low ponytail. I used to wear my hair down all the time. But then one day in eighth grade, someone intentionally gave me lice. Since then, I have only worn my hair in a low ponytail.

I pick out a pair of bootcut  jeans (I hate skinny jeans. They make my legs feel trapped) and a plain grey t-shirt. I also tie a black hoodie around my waist for when I get to school to cover up the scars on my arms.

I then pick up my backpack, unplug my phone, stick my charger in my backpack, and go out into the living room to wait for Magnus and Malcom. We are going to be walking to school since it's not that far.

A few minutes later, Malcom and Magnus are ready to go. We walk out of the house, and Malcom locks it with his key. We all have a key for emergencies except for the twins. Since they are only eight.

I talked to Malcom and amagnus for a few minutes, but when we got closer to the school I stopped talking. Malcom and Magnus continued.

When we finally got to the school, we went inside and got our schedules. Malcom spoke for me since he knew I wouldn't want to.

My schedule:

Annabeth Chase
Homeroom: Mr. Brunner.
1st hour: Honors Lit : Mrs. Ratzon
2nd hour: Latin II : Mr. Hunt
3rd hour: Architecture studies : Mrs. Wilkans
4th hour: Honors Chemistry : Mr. Peeler
5th hour:P.E. : Coach Hedge
6th hour: AP World History : Mr. Brunner
7th hour: Honors Geometry : Mrs. Allen

Magnus's schedule:
Magnus Chase
Homeroom: Mr. Brunner.
1st hour: Honors Lit : Mrs. Ratzon
2nd hour: Latin II : Mr. Hunt
3rd hour: Norse mythology/art 101 : Mr. Odin
4th hour: Honors Chemistry : Mr. Peeler
5th hour:P.E. : Coach Hedge
6th hour: AP World History : Mr. Brunner
7th hour: advanced Geometry : Mr. Allen

Me and Magnus have pretty much the same schedule, just he has advanced Geometry instead of honors. And he has something called Norse Mythology/Art 101. They have a class for that?

Me and Magnus go to our homeroom who also happens to be our history teacher.   In there, he just talks about how the school works, gives us the bell schedule, and gives us school planners. He also gives us our locker number and combination.

My locker: 1328

Magnus's locker: 1327

The bell rings and we are able to go to our lockers  and the bell will ring again in 10 minutes for us to be in our first hour class.

We finally find our lockers, and I put my backpack inside, keeping my binder full of notebooks and other school stuff. Magnus's locker is the next one down from mine. 

Magnus finishes with his locker, and then we head to first hour.

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