8. Red Lipstick and Jealousy?

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I had decided that I would go all out for this gig that Luke had invited me to. There was no particular reason other than the fact that I had not been out with anyone other than Ollie for a very long time and tonight I decided that I was going to have some fun.

Makeup was something that I didn't usually experiment with, although tonight, I somehow found the courage to apply a red lipstick, something that was far out of my comfort zone. I couldn't figure out what it was that had came over me tonight, but I was feeling confident and ready to enjoy myself.

I entered the restaurant, a stage in the far corner, instruments set up on top of it. My eyes flickered through the crowd trying to spot Luke. I found this quite difficult as although Luke was tall, the whole room was packed. Damn, they must've been a good band.

The lights dimmed as I made my way closer to the stage. My stomach flipped in excitement as I reached nearer the stage, waiting for Luke to make an appearance. A wide grin spread across my face as the band walked across the stage. I was interested in seeing if Luke was any good, and if his music was something that would be into.

I was mesmerised as he spoke into the mic, he looked as though the stage was his safe haven, he looked relaxed and comfortable. I watched intently as he strummed his fingers along his guitar, and his lips parting as his voice began to fill the restaurant.

I turned to look at his band mates, each of them filled with talent as they skilfully played their instruments and sang. I stood in awe, listening to their music and nodding my head to the beat.

As I was admiring the band, my eyes met with the blonde haired guitarist on the far left, as our eyes met, he sent me a wink, before smirking playfully. I could feel the heat rise in my cheeks, however, I decided to not shy away and send him a smile in return. He was cute.

Many songs later, and many thumbs up sent to Luke, letting him know that he was doing good and I was enjoying myself, I found myself out the back of the restaurant greeting Luke and meeting the rest of his band. I was introduced to Calum, Ashton and of course Michael.

"So this is the girl you train?" Michael spoke, a smile on his lips as he stared at me. Luke simply nodded as he was finishing packing his things away. Luke had not spoke all that much tonight.

"I can't imagine Luke training anyone, he's too fun, I could never imagine him being that serious." I simply snorted at this comment from Ashton. That was far from the truth.

"Say that to the thirty crunches he made me do for being ten minutes late last week." This earned me a cold glare from Luke as he had finally finished packing his things away and joined the group.

"Maybe you shouldn't be late so much and I wouldn't need to give you extra work." He shrugged, his voice  monotone.

"Hey Skylar," Michael spoke catching my attention, "are you free on Saturday. I'd like to take you out, you seem pretty cool." I felt my stomach flip as he spoke, I was not used to any sort of male attention and honestly, I didn't mind it.

Before I had the chance to reply, Luke spoke up, "No she's not, we're training." He gave Michael a cold stare, something he seemed to be doing a lot tonight.

"Not all day though, right?" I furrowed my eyebrows. I did not want to miss out on this opportunity to get to know Michael better as he seemed like a nice guy.

"Skylar has a point. Anyway, I'll give you my number then we can arrange something, yeah?" He reaches into his back pocket, trying to fish out his phone. As he was getting ready to hand me it, Luke quickly grabbed my hand.

"Uh, I'm gonna walk Skylar to her car now, don't want her driving home this late at night." This added to my confusion, it was only eight o'clock and barely even dark outside. As he was pulling me away, I yelled a quick goodbye to his friends, disheartened that I did not have the chance to say goodbye properly.

"What the hell Luke!" I scowled at him once we had reached my car. He stared down at me with a tense jaw, his hand still holding mine.

"What?" He rolled his eyes at me.

"You're acting weird! I was about to get Michael's number and you pulled me away. I didn't even get to say goodbye to everyone." I frowned, pulling my hand out of his and crossing my arms. I was quite annoyed with him.

"Michael is my friend." He fought back. His excuse was rather shit.

"And? We aren't all that involved in each other's personal lives so why should it matter?" I huffed, trying to understand his reasoning for being rude.

"I just don't want you to start seeing Michael, that's all." He shrugged his shoulders, stuffing his hands into his pockets. Was Luke jealous? I could tell that he did not like conflict as he would not meet my eye, he was staring intently down at the ground trying to distract himself.

"Fine." I replied, opening my car door and readying myself to get in. I was stopped as Luke had closed it shut again, his body pushing me against my car.

I could feel my heart racing at how close we were, I stared up at him, our eyes finally meeting. "I'm sorry," he mumbled, tucking a lose strand of hair away from my face, "I hope you enjoyed yourself tonight, it was good to see you."

All my previous annoyance toward him had disappeared as I smiled up at him. I had overreacting over something so stupid. "I did, you're really talented." I watched as he blushed at my compliment.

"Y'know," he spoke, placing a hand on my hip pulling me closer towards him, I could know smell his cologne and a faint hint of fabric softener, his mouth was now close to my ear "you looked beautiful tonight, reds definitely your colour." He spoke closely to my ear, his hot breath tickling my neck, my heart beating faster as I stood dumbfounded.

I stammered a quick thanks as he pulled away, a smile on his face as though nothing had happened. "Bye Skylar." He smirked, walking backwards for a moment, before turning around and heading back to the restaurant.

I entered my car in shock, confused as to what had just happened.


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