Kaname Kuran -Vampire Knight

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"No no no I don't want to"

The screams of a young girl had rattled through the dorms for hours but there was only one person there to hear her and that vampire took satisfaction in her screams as he pressed her and himself into the wall almost crushing the poor girls bones.

"Now now my dear don't be so rude, it's only a little bite"

Kaname cooed as he pressed his teeth into her soft flesh. Most girls in her situation would have been happy to have kaname so close to them, with his eyes only set on them and not another soul. This girl however had a different side to show.

The destruction that followed the dorm, the blood soaking into everything and the hords of innocent people slaughtered before her eyes. He had chained her to the wall as he slaughtered everyone of them crying out.

"Now you can be all mine, no one can take you from me again"

The girl had cryed hiding her eyes from the sight but when she did his frame would loom ver her as he pulled her arms from her comanding to look at how much he loved her, how much he needed her, what he was prepared to do for her.

It was a sick affair that would crush her and traumatise her forever, maybe even after the grave that she craved to be in right now. Maybe she would get her wish but not by natural means as a purebloods fangs were a dangerous thing for a human ...


So what do chu think minna.

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