When They Confessed (HeathersxReader)

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Hey! Before we get this one started, please feel free to send some requests my way!

Heather Chandler

--Her way of telling you was different than most people.

--It all started with you in the hallway.

--Kurt and Ram were bullying you as usual, but they are more brutal than last time.

"Please stop!" You shout as loud as you could

"Nuh uh! You aren't allowed to speak, Y/N!" Ram sneered

"She has a damn right to speak, asshole!" a familiar voice beckoned from behind the jocks

"Shit!" Kurt screamed

"Picking on my sexy bitch, are we? Get lost, or your balls will be the pulp in my orange juice!"

--Kurt and Ram run away

"Thank you, Heather!"

"Please call me Mistress Chandler from here on out; you're mine! Is that understood?"


--Next thing you know, you're making out with her everywhere in the school.

--From the bathroom to the Janitors closet, you're always covered in cherry-red lipstick.

--Unfortunately for you, after gym class, before taking a shower, everyone noticed red lipstick marks in your, ahem, lower region.

--Also, your neck was COVERED in hickeys too.

Heather McNamara

--She loves playing her unsuspecting games on you.

--You had a massive crush on her and no one knew except Veronica and Martha.

--You happened to be dragged by Heather Duke to Mac's cheer practice.

--You and Duke were close friends, and she also knew of your infatuation with McNamara.

"Confess already! You can't hold it in forever, Y/N!

"Fine! After this!"

--Of course, Mac had a crush on you as well!

--So, to show you that she liked you, after her cheer practice, she walked over to you and Duke and lifted her shirt revealing her bra.

"You like? Mhm, if you want more, then you'd need to be my girlfriend! Speaking of which, do you want to be my little girl?"


--Let's say the next day you had a collar on you with a tag that said, 'Y/N.'

--That means you belong to her!

Heather Duke

--You two were the best of friends!

--It was only after a while that you notice that she gets flustered easily.

--You had just arrived at Heather Duke's mansion, it's fucking huge!

--You let yourself in and walked upstairs to her room.

--Of course, you had no idea what was about to happen next.

--After opening her bedroom door, you saw Heather Duke in a towel.

"Oh hey, Y/N! I didn't e-expect you so q-quick!" she stammered

"I can wait outside!"

"No no," she purrs as the towel drops to the floor, "I want you to stay here a while and please me!"


"Hush, I've liked you for a while now, now please, touch me, my little slut!"

Veronica Sawyer

--You and Veronica were the best of the best when it came to the math club competitions.

-- The both of you studied hard every night without hardly a break

--For a while now, Veronica has been waiting to confess to you about how she feels.

--She has a weirdly formed plan that might work.

--Veronica arrived at your house, knocking on the door.

"Come in!" you shout

--It was around 10 pm when you guys were starting to get sleepy.

--Y/n come snuggle with me, I love you!

--It was a very subtle confession, but it was effective.

I hope you enjoyed! Also, damn I go too far with this stuff! XD My answer to the previous question is Heather Duke because I've always liked those who can be a bit bitchy!



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